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After over eight months with Luna, it’s time to move over to the next generation. I must admit I leave Luna behind with mixed feelings. She’s probably my most loved sim. ❤

There’s three potential heirs: Madison, Jordan and Kevin. Below is a short summary of their respective story lines. Their stories start at different stages of gameplay, it’s mentioned for each heir below their bio. Good luck voting!


Madison Lord

Madison knows that you will have to work hard and be willing to make sacrifices if you want to reach the goals you’ve set up for yourself. If it means breaking through as a singer, she is ready to make those sacrifices. It’s a tough path and a tough life. Through her struggles she meets a lot of new people and figuring out which of them are the good ones and which are the bad ain’t always the easiest thing to do. One of the persons she meets presents to her the ultimate sacrifice, one that can make or break her. Will she be able to make it just to reach her goal or will her conscience finally have enough?

Traits: Diva, Light Sleeper, Good, Cat Person
Current Age: Teenager

*~* Story will start where we left off *~*


Jordan Lord

Traits: Loves the outdoors, Clumsy, Snob, Hot Headed
Current Age: Teenager

Jordan had always been stunning. The first thing people noticed or complimented her for was how her blonde hair surrounded her tanned face perfectly. Jordan learned that her beauty was a great shortcut towards finding friends, boyfriends and happiness. She had it all: a best friend, a loving family and a popular boyfriend. But that all changed after the accident with her younger brother Kevin. Once the scar covers her face she loses one bit after the other. What will she do after losing the reflection she had learned to love? Who will be there to teach her that beauty isn’t everything?

*~* Story will start at her beginning of high school *~*


Kevin Lord

Traits: Loves the warmth, Loves the outdoors
Current Age: Toddler

Kevin is… different. It’s just not the fact that he’s a boy or that he has another biological father than his sisters. There’s also something else. His family has known ever since he caused Jordan’s scar. Not that he ever felt any guilt over it, it just happened. Kevin never met his biological father, and he never questioned it. Calum has always been the father he needed. At least until Kevin ages in to a teenager and things change drastically. He finds himself in situations he can’t describe himself and ends up questioning who he really is. Maybe his biological father holds the answers to his questions?

*~* Story will start as teenager *~*

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Generation 5: Luna – Chapter 20: Everyday life

Screenshot-881-2The girls entered their teenage years far too soon for my liking. They were still the best of friends, but I realized the puberty and teenage hormones changed them both. They were no longer our little baby girls, but instead on a good way towards becoming independent young women. It scared the living crap out of me.

As we all know, teenage years are filled with angst, hormones, mood swings and the question who you really are. That certainly applied to Jordan and Madison too and they both started develop distinct personalities, which I had to admit, differed from each others. That didn’t stop them from still being BFFs, though.

Screenshot-878Madison, to our big surprise, developed a true and passionate love for cats. It seemed to come out of the blue and the girl who had barely cared for our animals as a kid, was suddenly the one to go on and on about how awesome kitties were and how desperately we needed one. After promising she would take care of it on her own, we agreed on letting her have one. In fact, Calum would probably fill the farm with animals if we just had time to care for them all. Madison chose to adopt a white cat with black details, who was named Nala.

Nala was a friendly and neat cat and it wasn’t hard for her to fit right in to our family. She even got along well with Freya, which I had worried about at first.

Screenshot-900Except for her sudden love of cats, Madison kept being a dramatic, creative girl. She loved to sing and she always told us about the latest music classes at school. We also heard her singing in the shower quite often, and it sounded pretty good too. I wondered from who that voice originated, it surely wasn’t me.

She even had a new imaginary identity: Cat von Mad.

Screenshot-886My hopes in Jordan becoming my riding buddy pretty much vanished once she was a teenager and her previous interest in horses faded to a long gone memory. It seemed she simply didn’t have time for horses anymore, and especially not in the mornings before school. Not only did she want to lie in for as long as possible, she also needed a good half an hour in front of the mirror every morning to apply make-up and make sure she looked as good as her school mates expected her to.

Screenshot-887The first thing to happen in high school, according to both Jordan herself and Madison, was that three guys had complimented the looks of ‘the stunning blonde gal’. If the girls told the truth, her looks was also something that most girls seemed to be jealous of.

Sure, she looked good – our Jordan, but in my eyes she had many more qualities than just looks. Besides, looking good was far from the most important thing in life, not that it’s easy explaining that to a teenager, though. “Girls will be girls” was all Calum had to say in the matter and in a way, I guess he was right. Jordan would learn eventually that there was more important things to strive for.

Screenshot-890And while we’re talking about Calum, let’s just say that he didn’t change much, except for the fact that our relationship was blossoming and was better than ever. I loved the guy.

He kept finding lost little animals scattered around town and he kept bringing them home to give them a better life. It was everything from abandoned rats to turtles. If he kept going at the rate he was, our home would soon enough be a zoo. “Gatherers will be gatherers” I giggled to myself.

Screenshot-873-2When he wasn’t out looking for new animals to bring home, or taking care of our home or son, he was training Freya. I had never really cared to learn her tricks as to me it was well enough to have her as my best friend, but I must admit it was fun to watch the two of them progress.

Screenshot-896I myself kept busy with training and with the girls needing less and less parenting, I had more time to spare for just training than I had in many years. And when it felt hard to accept that my kids grew so quick, I could rejoice the fact that riding kept being my one true passion. Blackie and I were still a good team.

Screenshot-888I also found a liking in gardening and started growing my own crops. It wasn’t much, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to ride forever and once the day (let it not be too soon) was here when I had to quit it would be good to have another hobby to attend. So far, it felt like gardening could be that hobby. Not that I could see myself resigning from riding in many years to come, though. There was a certain charm to gardening that appealed to me. Being able to support yourself and so.

Screenshot-884-2And with that, I think the time has come to talk about Kevin. Because we really need to talk about him. Being pregnant with that little one had been the toughest thing I had endured, after the bullying of course. He had been a monster as a fetus and sometimes he was still a monster. He screamed for the top of his lungs if we didn’t tend to him as soon as he so demanded and he shook the bars of his crib with such fury that I thought they would eventually break. He threw his toys around, bit the heads off the dolls that both Madison and Jordan had played with in their early years. At one point, he even smashed the doll house in pieces. After that, we only let him have toys made of wood as they seemed to last longer.

Screenshot-902Still, he was my prince and despite his temper, he was perfect. He even smelled a bit of vanilla. Oh, how I loved that smell.

Screenshot-897Seeing Freya grow old was almost harder than seeing the girls age up. My one true best friend had been by my side for many years and it was nearly impossible to accept the fact that she would be leaving us. But it was easy to see that she was aging. Her nose was getting grayer, her eyes seemed tired and her tail wagged less and less.

Screenshot-907Her usual bouncy self is fading for each day and most of the time we see her just laying in her bed, or near the dining table. She even lays down while eating her food. She doesn’t follow me around as she have always done and I miss her company. I miss the sound of her heavy breathing and I miss her furry cheek and wet nose against my chins. I can’t imagine going through a day without her by my side. Yet, she is aging and her energetic spirit is fading along with her age. I love her to pieces and it’s hard to see her struggle with growing old.

Screenshot-908Milo Racket. With his golden eyes and full lips he was a boy who made girls turn their head, looking after him as he passed by. Any high school girl you asked would agree that he had a smile that made your heart melt and a laugh that caused butterflies in your stomach. They would admit of having been lost in his eyes or in dreams about being by his side.

Yes, that’s the type of boy Milo Racket was. He was also Jordan’s boyfriend.

Screenshot-904Their love was pure and naive as any teenage love, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t serious. They were the ultimate couple. It had been inevitable, bound to happen. The two best looking high school students, combined in to a package of teenage love. They were on everyone’s lips, a subject of gossip and rumors. And they were a couple.

Jordan was happy about it. Said she had caught the best fish in the sea.

Screenshot-910And Milo, he was just happy to have the stunning Jordan Lord by his arm.

Screenshot-909Madison was happy for her, even if she too looked after Milo with a dreaming mind. That was also inevitable. His golden lips and full eyes, or was it the other way around?, they were bound to get your heart to flop and your eyelashes to flash a little extra if he ever looked your way. But why would he when he already had the queen by his side?

Madison didn’t want to steal him, she knew he was off-limits to her as he was dating her twin sister and best friend. She didn’t even try to steal him. In fact, she tried to stay out of their way. She wouldn’t let them get in the way for the career she had pictured herself. She had to be focused on the singing if she were to ever get anywhere. She joined the glee club at school, it was a win-win situation. Not only did she get to practice her singing on a stage, along with like-minded people, it also gave her an excuse for not seeing her sister wrapped up in the arms of the gorgeous Milo Racket.

Screenshot-912Milo wasn’t the only boy who Jordan spent time with, she also made room for hanging out with her little brother. She loved Kevin, it was easy to tell. Every night she would sit with him on the floor to read something or play a game. It was an adorable thing to watch.

I blame myself sometimes, I should have been there to supervise them, but since it was a daily activity, I left them alone. Neither me or Calum know what happened. It was a warm fall sunday, Jordan was reading to Kevin in the livingroom and me and Calum were cooking lunch.

Screenshot-913It was a completely ordinary day until we heard Jordan scream in pain and surprise. Before we had any time to react, she was standing in the kitchen, hands covering her face. Blood was seeped between her fingers and underneath her hands I could see that her face bled. “He-he scra-ha-ha-tche-hed me-he” Jordan sobbed, panic and surprise suppressed in her voice.

We rushed her to the hospital were the doctors quickly noted that her wounds were deep and needed stitching. Jordan was brave and quite calm, considering her whole face was torn apart.

Screenshot-914It wasn’t until a week later, when she removed the stitches that she realized what had happened. Her beautiful face was now only a memory and two big scars were now covering her face, lining from her one eyebrow and down to her beautiful little mouth. It was hard to understand how such a little tender person like Kevin could have caused such a thing. Jordan cried for days, mourning her lost beauty.

AN: This marks the end for generation 5! I’m putting an heir vote up later tonight. I’m sorry the story is a bit rushed towards the end. But I promise, no matter which heir wins the vote, their story will start at a point where it’s possible to tell their story from the start. 🙂

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Generation 5: Chapter 19: Something’s wrong

Screenshot-760This pregnancy was much more difficult than the previous one, even though the doctors promised me there was only one in there this time. I couldn’t remember that the twins had been this… wild. It was quite alright as long as I was up and busy, but as soon as I sat down to rest the little one broke out in an inferno of kicks and turns. Whoever was hiding in there, sure didn’t like relaxing.

“Ouff” I said in an exhalation and felt my whole face twist in to a grimace. I would never get used to the pain of that little foot hitting one of my internal organs or my ribs. If you could look at me from the inside, you would probably see that I was quite beaten up. I’ve heard that it’s actually possible to get bruises on the actual organs, and I’m sure I had loads of them.

Screenshot-750“He’s giving you trouble again, is he?” Calum put a hand on my shoulder and massaged it hard but yet gentle.

“You always refer to it as he” I said instead of answering the question. “We don’t know what it is yet.”

“I know, but if it can hear me I’m sure it’ll grow a penis” Calum joked.

I hit him lightly on the upper arm, “It doesn’t work that way, silly!” He was such a dork sometimes, but I guess that was part of why I loved him.

Screenshot-758We sat in silence next to each other for a while after that. Calum laid his arm around me and I rested my head against his shoulder. Some cooking show was on the TV and images of chopped vegetables and stirring pots followed one another without my attention. I was pretty much just staring blindly at the screen, busy with treasuring the warmth and security of Calum’s body. When he made slight movements his well-defined muscles stretched, making my head bob slightly up and down.

“What if it’s a girl” I whispered after a while without moving my head from his shoulder.

The arm he held around me tightened its grip ever so little as he uttered the words I so desperately wanted to hear, “I’ll love it no matter what.”

Screenshot-753“Mom…” Madison said with an exciting tone. I knew she had an idea, she would always bounce on her toes when she wanted to share one of those with us. “The baby, if it’s a girl… Can we name it Lavender? As in Princess Lavender?”

Screenshot-755I couldn’t hold myself and laughed out loud. I know I shouldn’t have since Madison had probably considered this idea for quite some time and was genuinely happy with it. But I just couldn’t see myself naming my baby after an imaginary princess. Madison looked hurt, so I hurried to make up for my own mistake by playing her game, “I thought you were Princess Lavender dear. We can’t have two of them, can we?”

She deliberated for herself for a moment, her little head swaying from left to right as she did. Her body language surely supported her dramatic and creative side. “Hm, no. I’m the princess. It can be the dragon. Or the frog which I can kiss and it can transform in to a prince.” I stopped listen there because I knew she was back in her imaginary world already and was talking more to herself than to me. Oh, precious little girl, how I wished she would never grow up.

Screenshot-778 Screenshot-777And sometimes, it seemed like they would never grow up. They were such good girls, always playing like the best of friends. Their laughter was the best sound I knew and it was always coming from the very bottom of their hearts. They were free from sorrow, free from worries. All they knew was that life was an exciting adventure that just waited for them to explore it. They held contests on the swings, ‘Who can swing the highest?’, which I had to function as judge to. They won alternately, it was best that way. They were happy and they taught me a bit of life, as well. Comparing to my old childhood, I realized I had missed out on a lot. It was great exploring it by their side, it made me feel like I got some revenge for what had been taken from me.

Screenshot-766I read in one of my pregnancy books that the father of the unborn child will often try to “build a home” because he wants to feel irreplaceable in the child’s life. It’s a way of making up for not being able to support its life while it resides within the belly. Maybe that was why Calum was constantly checking our kitchen appliances, making sure they worked as they were supposed. Maybe he did try to prove himself irreplaceable. As if I would have doubted that anyway?

Screenshot-775Odriana aged up to a big and beautiful horse and even though she was no longer the cute little filly that we had all learned to love, Jordan kept caring for her whenever she had some spare time. I admitted to myself that Odriana was much more Jordan’s horse than she was mine and that was a comforting thought. I couldn’t wait until we had broken her and Jordan and I could ride side by side, exploring the nature of Twinbrook.

Screenshot-774And with my pregnancy getting harder and harder on me, it was nice having Jordan as a backup in the stables. Despite her tender age and small figure she was a huge help. The fact that she was looking after one of the horses meant I had more time to do the other chores in the stable and it was a huge relief on my body.

I had taught her how to clean the hooves, how to brush and how to braid the long mane. Jordan sucked up knowledge as a sponge, always eager to learn new things on how to work in the stables. She was her mothers’ daughter and that made me both happy and proud.

Screenshot-764 Screenshot-763The girls’ first experience with death came early. Too early. At the vast age of seven, death should be nothing but a dark shadow in the books they read. Not something that came and embraced a loved one. But so it happened that they were still only seven when Dodo decided to fly towards sunset.

Madison was the one to find him. She was rushing down the stairs, only stopping briefly to greet the red little bird a good morning when she saw him lying on the floor of his cage. At first she thought he was sleeping but when she realized he wouldn’t wake up she was devastated. It somehow surprised me since she had never really spent much time with any of our animals. It obviously didn’t mean that she didn’t love them.

Screenshot-765“Daaaad” she called for Calum, who was preparing their breakfast in the kitchen. Her voice was trembling and it was easy to understand that something was wrong, since she was close to tears. Of course she called for her father, after all the years I had neglected them and put my own dreams before them it was only fair that Calum was the one who laid them closest to heart. He had never disappointed them or forgot to tell them how much he loved them. I was getting better, but I would never be able to be as good as Calum with parenting. It just didn’t come natural to me.

Screenshot-769 Screenshot-770He rushed to her side and the sight of the little cardinal laying lifeless in the sand of the cage made him fall in to tears as well. They had found that little bird when it was just a little abandoned baby and they took it home and cared for it. To Madison, it was as much a family member as Freya, Black Knight or Odriana was. She didn’t rank them because of what type of animal they were. And Calum, well, his heart was just so big that it could hold them all. He cared for everyone and everything that counted as family. And that was what made him so precious.

Screenshot-771“Go eat your pancakes” he said to Madison once they had grieved for a moment together. She reluctantly left the room and once Calum was sure she was out of sight he opened the door to the cage and took the little bird in his hands. “Goodbye Dodo” he whispered and the bird responded nothing.

When the girls got home from school that day there was a funeral held in our backyard. Jordan placed Dodo in a cardboard box and Madison dug a little hole where they put the box. Both me and Calum stood with them as they said a few last words to the cardinal and once they had both said goodbye we covered the box with dirt again. Out of lollipop sticks we created a small cross. “Here rests Dodo, the best cardinal in the world”. The girls decided on the text and we found it fitting. So, now we had a little pet grave in our backyard. It was beautiful, in a way.

Screenshot-779When the girls asked us if they could host a pyjamas party a couple of days later, we decided it would be good for them to have something fun to look forward to again. They invited three of their classmates and we emptied Calum’s old bedroom and transformed it in to a camping lot with sleeping bags covering the floor. That old bedroom wasn’t used for anything nowadays since Calum had moved in to me now that we had decided to be a real family. It could just as well be a play room for the kids once this party was over.

The party began in our garden. I hadn’t realized until then what a fantastic garden we had in a kids’ eyes. There were lots of toys to play with, trees to climb in and pets to cuddle with. It made me proud thinking that we had built it.

Having five kids running around in the house was a lot different from two, we quickly realized. They made so much noise! Our home was practically a battlefield.

Screenshot-781Once they had all fallen asleep in their respective sleeping bags it went amazingly quiet, though. It was a fun change to watch and the house seemed so peaceful when there was five children snoring on the floor.

Screenshot-783Luckily, the guests had all left the house the next day when I felt the familiar, yet surprising, laboring pains. Not only was it five weeks early, but it also felt as if hundreds of knives were stabbed in to my abdomen. When the twins were born I had been sure nothing would ever be worse than that pain, but I hadn’t accounted for having another baby either. Even though my previous delivery had been painful, it was nothing compared to this.

Screenshot-782Liquid was flooding down my pants when the water broke, but it was a lot warmer than I believed was right. When I looked down I realized it wasn’t just water, as water is not supposed to be colored red. Adding two things together, I only realized one thing: There was something wrong with my baby. I cried in agony.

Calum came rushing to my side as quickly as he could. My cry must have pierced through the air on our farm and when he got to my side he looked scared. At the sight of the blood by my feet he looked even more worried. “We’ll get you to the hospital” he assured and ran around the house gathering the belongings we needed. It felt like it took forever, but it can only have been a few minutes. We were at the hospital no more than 25 minutes after my water broke.

Screenshot-752The delivery was extremely painful. The doctors did their best to calm me down, but I could hear in their voices that not everything was as it should be. There was something wrong and I knew, even if they didn’t want me to. ‘It’s already dead’ was the only thought that occurred in my head while I pushed, PUSHED, for all that I was worth. It felt as if something tore me with claws in the genital area when my efforts finally paid off.

The worst pains stopped as soon as the baby had left my body and everything in the room went silent. Everything. Wasn’t that little one supposed to cry? Wasn’t the cold surroundings supposed to take it with such surprise that the only reaction it could let out was a scream? Wasn’t I supposed to get some kind of sign of life? The whole room held its breath.


Screenshot-787It was a loud and bright cry that echoed in my ears, but it was the most soothing sound I’ve heard in ages. I fell asleep from exhaustion immediately afterwards.

Screenshot-789The first thing I saw when I woke up again was Calum carefully holding a little baby in his arms. Our baby. “Hey” I said and smiled. I was still sore from my earlier battle but the sight of the two was comforting. Calum turned around with the small bundle in his arms and looked at me with a wide smile on his face.

“You did good” he said. “I’m proud of you.”

“Can I see him?” No-one had told me what gender it was but somehow I knew anyway.

Calum came to my side and handed me the little boy he had been holding so close. “I told you he would listen to my wishes” he said with a big smile on his face as he handed me the baby. I giggled, it sure seemed like he had.

Screenshot-790As soon as the baby was in my arms it was as if a missing piece of a puzzle was finally laid. I felt such a strong bond to this child and I knew that what I was feeling was love at first sight. Not much different from the one I had felt with this boys’ father, not that it crossed my mind at that point. “What do you want to call him?” I directed the question to the only father this little boy would ever know.

“How about Kevin?”

I tasted the name in my mouth, whispering it a few times. The little boy just looked at me with big, curious eyes. They seemed to sparkle. He was perfect. “Kevin, it’s perfect” I said and smiled. A perfect name for a perfect baby.

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Generation 5: Luna – Chapter 18: A choice and a new life

Screenshot-535Once I got back home again after reading the letters at my father’s house I hugged my both baby girls tight and told them that I loved them. Thereafter I placed a peck on Calum’s cheek and thanked him for everything he had ever done for me.

I had finally found peace at mind, even though I still had my most important decision ahead of me.

Screenshot-523I climbed the stairs with two steps at a time and sat down on my bed to read the letters one more time. Every word and every letter was carefully printed with a sprawling handwriting and as I read them, I could hear the soft, trailing countryside accent of Brick uttering the very words. And it was probably just my imagination, but didn’t those letters have a hint of vanilla smell to them?

I was taken back in time and space. Teenage Luna, the one who was depressed and sad and mistreated by her schoolmates, goes to Appaloosa for a summer and meets the most fantastic boy she could ever dream of. He teaches her things about riding, about racing, about love and about living and afterwards it’s all shattered in to a million pieces. My young teenage self was left even more broken than she was before that summer. And there was Calum, who picked the pieces back up and glued them back together. He healed her, and treated her with respect and generosity. He gave her a home, a family.

I knew I needed to make a desicion about the future and I couldn’t help but to wonder how my life would have changed if I ever got the letters back then. Would I have been as broken? Would Calum still be my best friend? Would I ride Black Knight? Would Madison and Jordan even exist? Would I be Luna Lord?

Screenshot-524Screenshot-527I sighed and walked up to my drawer where the picture of Brick still stood. He was smiling at me. I changed out of my stable clothes and put the letters in the top drawer, underneath my underwear. They would remain hidden there and until I had managed to come up with — something — they would be my little secret.

“I’m going for a walk” I said to Calum and took his hand in mine. I had just realized just what a big part of my life he was, and had always been. It was weird thinking that I needed Brick to realize such a thing.

“Alright, Jordan ordered Mac & Cheese for dinner, so I’ll make that. You’ll be home until then, yea?”

I nodded and left the room. Freya bounced up by my side and joined me. There were so many thoughts swirling around in my head and I just couldn’t get a hold of any of them. I needed the fresh air, the nature and the silence of the lake to think. We took the longest path towards the lake and for every step I could feel my thoughts getting clearer and clearer. There was less and less possibilities flashing before my eyes.

Screenshot-530I sat down next to a rock by the lake and debated with myself back and forth: Calum? Brick? Calum? Brick? Alone? Calum? Brick? I knew from the Seasonal Horse Race that both paths laid open for me and that I simply needed to make the decision. The problem was, that it was a decision impossible to make.

Screenshot-528Freya kept herself busy by chasing butterflies and bouncing around and she barely seemed to notice me at all. I knew she would never dare to run away too far from me, so I hid my face in my palms and cried a few tears. I had cried so much in my life, and it really had a healing effect. It was as if tears made it possible to think more clear.

When I felt a warm, fuzzy chin being placed on my knees I stopped crying. I knew pets could sense your every feeling and this was something I couldn’t share with Freya. Calum was her human, as much as I was. She looked at me with loyal eyes and it almost looked as though she smiled. I had been a fool to think I could hide my feelings and thoughts for her, she understood all too well. I tickled her on top of the head, between the ears, where I knew she liked it the most. Once I stopped she used her nose to puff on my hands, telling me to continue.

Screenshot-531With the nature all around me, and my best friend by my feet, I managed to make my decision. I think I had known it all along, but finally deciding felt good. I promised myself that it would be the final decision and that I would never let myself go back and think about what could have happened if I chose the other path.

I rose from the ground and started  walking towards home. I wanted to tell Calum right away, because even if he didn’t know there was a reason to worry, I didn’t want to keep him waiting. It was better to get it done.

Screenshot-533I felt happy as I walked home. My head was clearer than it had been in years. When a small, but heavy, raindrop fell on my shoulder I smiled. Life was amazing and nature was amazing. I was happy, happier than I had ever been.



Screenshot-536Once I got back home, I went to get the letters. Calum needed to read them on his own if he was to understand. While getting them, I tipped the frame with the picture of Brick in it facing down on the drawer. This was my decision and his smile had nothing to do with it.

Screenshot-537“Calum, could you sit with me for a while?” I hugged the letters close, as if I was hiding them from him, but he must have seen them. He looked suspicious as he sat down next to me.

“Did something happen?”

Screenshot-538I nodded and braced myself, “I went to my father today. And Abel…” My voice trembled and I had a tough time talking, but I was determined. This was it. “Abel had been keeping some letters from me, with good intentions. He thought they would make me sad. And I got them today. Here.” I handed him the letters and started biting my nails as he opened them and started to read them. It was almost unbearable to wait for him to finish them. I tried to read his face, was searching for a reaction but there was nothing. His face was blank.

“Have you talked to Brick?” there was layer of sadness covering Calum’s eyes and I understood that he hoped my answer would be no. I knew it would hurt him, knowing I had met and talked to Brick while he was celebrating Christmas with out daughters but I couldn’t lie. I nodded silently, avoiding any eye contact with him as I did.

Screenshot-540“You’re leaving me?” Calum asked after a moment of consideration and he could just as well have stabbed me in the chest. His voice was calm and literal. The layer of sadness that had covered his eyes just moments earlier was as blown away and his eyes now revealed nothing of what he was feeling inside.

I looked at him and felt the pain in my chest. After everything he had done to me, I thanked him by hurting him in the worst possible way I could. It didn’t matter what I chose because he knew I would have chosen Brick if I had got those letters when they were sent. And no matter, he would always think that he was a second choice.

Screenshot-541“I’m not leaving you” I whispered and met Calum’s steady look. There was a flash of surprise in them but within an instant it was lost. “I’m not leaving you Calum” I repeated, louder this time.

“You’re not?” he was clearly surprised.

I shook my head, “This is my life. You, Madison, Jordan, Freya and the horses. I can’t lose that. After everything I lost in my life so far, I can’t lose this too.”

A single tear ran down his cheek and I felt an urge to lean over to wipe it away, but I didn’t. “I thought you loved him” he whispered.

“I did. But it turns out I love you more.”

Screenshot-522We started on square one again after that and slowly, we built us a life as a family again. I couldn’t understand how blinded I had been, how it could have been impossible to not see that this was my life. It was everything I wanted.

Finally, I had learned that the most important things in life is to treasure the ordinary: Eating breakfast with your daughters, growing a seed, walking with your dog, cooking Calum’s favourite dinner, watching your two best friends play and other small, but joyable things. It’s not so much about dreams, it’s about enjoying what you have.

I learned a lot about my family once I had taught myself the ‘life-lesson’. I learned that Calum has a dimple in his right cheek when he smiles genuinely. It’s most often either Jordan or Madison who manages to summon it. It’s the cutest thing, really.

Screenshot-561 Screenshot-559I learned that even though the twins were the best of friends, they had their differences. Jordan loves to be in the stable and with the animals. She has taken Odriana pretty much under her wings and she cares for that filly with a passion that can only originate from me.

She wakes up early and finishes her breakfast in a hurry because she has learned that the horses needs to be fed before she goes to school. And God forbid should anyone else feed Odriana in the morning. I’m always there to watch them, and Jordan speaks ever so gently with Odriana while she’s sucking on that bottle. At first we thought it would only last a few days because we feed those animals early, but Jordan kept going with me even after the first week. And the second.

Screenshot-563When the bus dropped them off outside our yard she always left her backpack outside the stable and after shouting a quick Hi to me and Calum she hurried in to Odriana.

It might have been my Christmas gift, but she seemed to provide more joy and love to Jordan than she would ever do to me. Not that I didn’t love the filly, because I did. It was a joy to see her learn things. Nearly as much joy as it was to see my baby girls grow and learn things. They were developing in to their own persons and it was so exciting to follow their journey.

Screenshot-562“I can’t wait until you’re old enough so I can ride you” Jordan said and gently petted Odriana’s muffle. Hearing those words gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I hoped sincerely that she would keep her interest. I would love to ride next to her on the trails in Twinbrook once Odriana was old enough. There’s so much I would show and teach Jordan! “I’ll be a good rider, just like mommy. And you’re gonna be the best jumping horse ever.”

Screenshot-564Madison also liked the animals, but she didn’t devote all her free time for them. She considered Odriana to be a cute filly, but she didn’t have the same urge to care for her as Jordan did. She played quite a lot with Freya, though. But even that, was no real passion for Madison. She was more of a creative mind. While Jordan rushed towards the stable and the filly, Madison rushed for her room and her princess costume.

Screenshot-567She was an amazing actor judging her young age. Princess Lavender was a character well-known to the entire family. She lived in the Cloud Castle and ruled over Cloudville. She was a fair, kind and generous princess to the ones who earned it. Although, if someone broke the law or mistreated others in her land, she would give them their righteous punishment.

Unless she was playing some game with Jordan, she was constantly in that tree castle, practicing her role as Princess Lavender. She did her homework there, we let her eat there from time to time and if we had let her, she would probably sleep there as well.

Screenshot-569But that, we wouldn’t allow, “It’s time for bed, young princess!” Calum called for her from underneath the tree.

“You don’t talk to the princess like that!” Madison called back, without popping her little head through the window.

“Oh you fair princess. I have a golden bed made just for you. Would you honor me to try it?” Calum tried again.

“You can’t command the princess!”

Screenshot-570Screenshot-571Screenshot-575Screenshot-573Screenshot-576You have to give her honor for the creativity, and the courage, even if the action itself was stupid and dumb. “MADISON LORD! Get your butt down here before I climb up to get you!” Calum was rarely angry at the girls, but Madison had crossed the line this time and she was forbidden to visit her castle for two days. She regretted her action, to say the least, and we were sure she would never try anything similar again.

Calum wasn’t really angry, but he had to pretend, in order to teach Madison that you couldn’t treat people how you wanted to. Being mean and disrespectful had consequenses. It didn’t mean we couldn’t laugh at it once the girls had fallen asleep, though. Parenting was fun, even though it was challenging. It was a good thing I had the best father by my side.

Screenshot-542It had been going on for a couple of days and I had been absolutely sure that it had to be something I had eaten. Or actually, I think I had hoped it would be because something just told me that it was in reality caused by something completely different. Something that… would be really, really badly timed.

On the fourth day of vomiting, I knew for sure. I hadn’t eaten something bad, and it wasn’t the flu. The only cause that also caused kicks and rumble from within was pregnancy. I was pregnant. Tracking time backwards told me I was about four weeks along. So how could that little thing already kick? Did it even have arms and legs at this point? I didn’t know.

I had promised myself I wouldn’t let my thoughts wander back to Brick after making the decision. And until now, I hadn’t. The thing was that Calum couldn’t be the father, we hadn’t been involved for ages. I was pregnant, with Brick’s child. That was just my luck.

Screenshot-539“Calum, we need to talk. Again.” We sat down on the same sofa as where we had our last talk. It was the first time I sat in it since then. The Talk Sofa. I probably should have been more nervous than I was, but after the last talk I hadn’t felt much worry at all.

“Don’t tell me there’s more letters” Calum whispered once we were both seated. I smiled and shook my head no. I wanted to tell him this was good news, but I wasn’t sure if it was.

“I’m pregnant.” Just like that, straight to the point.


“Yes. Four weeks along, I think.”

Screenshot-544Calum was quiet for a moment, while doing the same backtracking of time as I had done myself. The silence made me nervous and I had to stand up to ease my nerves. “It’s not mine” he said once he was done. There was a sad tone in his voice.

A wave of dizziness and sickness rushed to my body. It wasn’t his. I hadn’t realized what that meant until he uttered the words. I was disgusted by myself. And ashamed, so, so ashamed.

Screenshot-546“Is it his?” He emphasized the single syllable word, almost spitting it out with disgust.

“Yes.” It was barely a whisper and I couldn’t get myself to turn around to face the hurt I knew I had just caused my best friend, again. I didn’t deserve him and he definitely deserved better.

“So, what are you going to do?”

Screenshot-547Just as I was to open my mouth to answer his question I felt sick, and I needed to make a leave. “One second” I managed to croak while running towards the bathroom.

Screenshot-548Screenshot-547 Screenshot-550Screenshot-549Screenshot-551 Screenshot-553Screenshot-546 Screenshot-554 Screenshot-555When I got back out to the livingroom, after having washed my mouth quickly, Calum was no longer there. I looked around, as if I was expecting him to be hiding behind a curtain or something. Could he really have left already, without even letting me explain or state my plan?

With heavy steps, I walked up the stairs and towards my bedroom. When I passed the twins’ room I heard sniffles through the closed door and I opened it and peaked in. Calum was sitting on the floor, crying. I realized I hadn’t seen him cry since we were forced to kiss. He was supposed to be strong. My steady rock.

“Hey” I said and sat down next to him. I put an arm around his shoulders and he rested his head against my shoulder.

“Look at them Luna, they’re perfect.” He sniffed and wiped his nose with the back of his hand. “Why aren’t we enough for you? What more do you want?”

I touched his hair gently, let my fingers run through the blonde mop that I knew so well. “You are enough, Calum. Even if this one’s not biologically yours, it’s still yours. I wouldn’t want anyone else to raise it…”

He looked at me with big eyes, “Really?”

“Do you want to raise it with me? Would you do that?”

He pressed his lips against mine in a gentle kiss before nodding, “I hope we get a son.”

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Generation 5: Luna – Chapter 17: The truth

I’m looking forward to a new year with the Lords, I hope you are too! 🙂

Make sure you’ve read the Christmas Special before reading this, because even though it’s a special – it’s also a chapter.

Screenshot-462-2‘Letters. Letters. Letters.’ Whatever I did, the single word was constantly echoing in the back of my head. I tried forgetting about it, because thinking about it made me go crazy. There was never any letters. Trying not to think about it didn’t help. The word kept repeating itself inside my head and whenever I caught a glimpse of it, I was left with an empty feeling in my chest.

What if it was true? What if all the pain I went through after that summer had been in vain? What if Brick had felt that pain too? What if what we had, had been real after all? What if there had been letters? All the questions turned my life upside down, everything I had built up could be based on a mistake, a misunderstanding. Everything. It didn’t make sense, and even though I wanted to let it slip and continue the life I had, I knew I needed answers. Nothing would ever be the same, unless I found the truth.

I rose from the hay bale I had been sitting on and dusted my pants off. I didn’t even care to get changed because the newly found dedication and confidence that a decision meant could easily get lost and I would be back at square one. Back at the questions and the what ifs.

Screenshot-465-2I rarely walked the way to my childhood home because it brought back so many bad memories. And even though me and Abel could be in the same room without starting a fight, I had never really forgiven him for what he had done and therefore I never really had any reason to visit him. In my life, blood wasn’t thicker than water.

I loved the nature in Twinbrook, even though the air could have been fresher and the grass could have been greener. But the trees were all beautiful and the butterflies and the birds all seemed happy and if the nature was enough for them as it was, who was I to judge? After all, the nature belonged to them, not us people.

Screenshot-466-2The grey brick house heaped up in front of me and my heart started beating extra loud in my chest. I was nervous. Not like the encouraging, exctiting ‘waiting for a race to start-nervous’ but a more scary nervous; A ‘my life might be worth nothing-nervous’. I pushed the door bell and despite the constant echoing of the word ‘Letters’ in my head, I realized Abel had changed the tune to the bell. I don’t know why I noticed it, maybe because I needed something real to hold on to.

Emily opened the door and she had a truly happy smile on her face. “Luna, what a surprise, come in” she greeted me and hugged me. I stiffened, I still wasn’t used to her hospitality. “Coffe?” she wondered and closed the door behind me. I shook my head, there was no way I could keep anything down at this moment.

Screenshot-467-2I looked around and noticed that, except the newly painted walls in the livingroom, not much had changed in all the years that had passed since I moved out. The paper clip about Sam and dad still hung on the wall next to the computer and even the stuffed giraffe that Freya had chewed on as a puppy stood put next to the TV stand. The only change I could actually see, was a toy rocket lying on the ground. In a way, it was the most obvious proof to life in this home. Everything was perfectly neat and ever thing had its own place. ‘Course, keeping things all cleaned up must be easy when you’re a stay at home mom with two stay at home grandpas. But what do I know?

Screenshot-468-2“Who did you want to see?” Emily’s voice interrupted my thoughts and I remembered why I came here. It made me feel like a fool, no one could have just forgot to hand me nine letters. I shook my head slightly, “Is dad here?”

“In the study” Emily said and turned around towards the kitchen, while humming on a happy tune. ‘At least someone is happy’ I thought to myself and went to see my dad. I was quite sure he would just let me know that there had never been any letters, but I was still worried.

Screenshot-471“Letters?” dad looked at me confused and I realized in an instant that he was being honest.  My dad wasn’t socially skilled enough to lie anyone straight in the face. There had never been any letters. In a way, I was relieved, and in another way, I was disappointed. Even though it had seemed like an impossibility I had got my hopes up that only a fraction of my own missing and sadness had been experienced by Brick too. Now it was all shattered.

Screenshot-469-2“Never mind” I said and felt how my heart was shattered in to a million pieces once again. I wondered if it was actually possible to heal from such a defeat twice. Just as I thought I would start to cry there was babble heard from the floor and when I looked down I saw Isaac crawling in to the room. I must have forgot to close the door after me.

Screenshot-472-2“Sorry, just picking Isaac up” my brother said before actually entering the room. By the sight of me he stopped dead, “Luna? Oh, hey.” He was probably just as surprised as myself over my visit.

Screenshot-473-2“Your sister is asking about some letters for her, that she never got. Do you know anything about it?” Dad asked Abel and I felt it as a sting to the heart. Surely, Abel would think that I accused him for stealing them, which I didn’t. I was afraid that might stir up old wounds for both of us, and get us in to a pattern we had finally got ourselves out from.

“Uhh” Abel murmured and scratched his head. Isaac babbled and giggled, unaware of the tension in the room.

Screenshot-476-2It was just for a flash of a moment, but what I saw in Abel’s eyes couldn’t be mistaken. It was guilt. I clenched my fists and really had to focus to control myself, I wasn’t going to explode in front of the baby.

“Letters…” Abel murmured and looked around.

“Spit it out” I hissed and moved a step closer to my twin brother. Dad, who probably sensed what was about to happen, swooped Isaac up from the floor and left the room.

Screenshot-478-2 I had never seen it happen before, but in an instant Abel’s eyes were filled with tears. “I never knew! I swear Luna, I didn’t do it to hurt you.”

What I saw before me was no longer the adult football pro but my teenage brother Abel, who had been insecure and lonely. The one person I hated of all my heart. I practically boiled. All those feelings that had been suppressed over the course of the years passed came back and it was all released in one big, hard slap over my brother’s cheek.

Screenshot-479-2“All you ever wanted was to hurt me! Don’t you give me that melon fudging piece of crap. YOU, Abel Lord, are the biggest idiot on this planet!” I screamed for all that I could and once I had finished my lecture I fell in tears. Of everything he had ever done to me, this was the worst of it all.

“Look, Luna… I know you won’t believe me, but I did it for your own good” Abel whispered and tried to place a hand on my shoulder. I pushed it away and turned my back to him. It took about 30 seconds before he left the room and I was all alone. It only lasted for a few minutes, until Abel appeared back in the room and handed me a pile of paper.

“Here they are, all nine. Still sealed. I’m sorry, I hope I get to explain sometime.” When he put his hand on my shoulder this time, I allowed him. With the letters finally in my hands, I sat down in my own study to read them.

Screenshot-480-2It took me an hour or so to read all the letters. It was tough reading them because the letters reflected the exact same feelings that I had felt during that first year after the summer in Appaloosa. It was like looking my teenage self in the mirror and the painful memories still hurt, after all these years. But it was also comforting to know that my pain hadn’t been in vain. That the end to that relationship had been far to abrupt and far too soon and that the feelings had been mutual.

Once I had read them, I remained seated in the chair, not knowing what to do with this newly acquired knowledge.

“Luna, would you let me explain?” Abel suddenly whispered and I looked at him. My eyes probably expressed just how hurt I was feeling. I nodded, it wouldn’t hurt either of us to let him explain.

Screenshot-482-2“I wanted to change, you know. I was done being mean. It wasn’t just because I met Emily because it all started earlier than that. During the course of the summer I promised myself I was going to keep you safe. Protect you from everything that could hurt you, including myself. And you came home from that riding school and you were so broken and since we never talked I was sure that something had happened. And then that first letter arrived and when it was stamped in Appaloosa I was sure it would hurt you even more. I just knew that whoever it was that hurt you over there was going to hurt you even more. So I kept the letter. And then the next arrived and I kept that, too. When the third arrived I started to sense that maybe it was a mistake to keep them from you, but by then you were starting to get better. Freya was here and you were happier and I thought if I gave you the letters then you would just break again. So I kept them all, and I never said anything. And then you started your family with Calum and I thought that was how it was meant to be from the very beginning. I know it was wrong and I’m so sorry that I hurt you again. That I broke my own promise. But I did it for you! I didn’t want you to get hurt anymore. Please Luna, forgive me!”

Screenshot-481-2Even though it sounded like a whole bunch of lies, there was something about the story that made me believe in it. “At least I got them in the end” I sighed and rose from the chair. “I’m sorry, but I can’t forgive you. Not this time. I need to get back home, to my family. Bye Abel, bye.”

I had finally done it. I had left my old teenage tormentor behind. I felt free.

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Christmas Special 2012

Unfortunately I still don’t own Seasons so there’s no snow. 😦

Although, since I’m picturing swedish traditions it’s rather fitting as we always seem to have snow all December except during the actual Christmas Days.

This can be considered both as a special and a part of Luna’s actual storyline.

Merry Christmas!

Screenshot-363When Luna Lord woke up on the 23rd of December, she noticed that the little snow that had come during December had completely melted away. Just in time for Christmas. To her, it didn’t matter, it would only make the drive to Appaloosa smoother and easier.

Calum had been worried when the invitation to the Seasonal Horse Race had arrived in the mail. Luna wasn’t a very experienced driver and thinking about her driving all the way to Appaloosa with a carrier in snowy weather gave him the creeps. She had pretty much exploded when he shared his worries and in the end, he had to give in. It was one of her biggest dreams, to finally get to race on the arena where she first had experienced racing at all. She had worked hard, and she was worth it. But still, it had him worried. He wanted her home for Christmas and they didn’t agree until she promised to drive straight home after the race.

One part of Luna wanted to celebrate Christmas with her family. She knew that the girls happiness over the holiday was a true joy and that it made her incredibly happy and excited. And then there was the other part, the one that still felt a close connection to Appaloosa and the riding community there. She painfully admitted to herself that she would probably be capable to leave everything in Twinbrook for Appaloosa, if she was ever given the choice. Not that such a decision would ever be needed.


Screenshot-364The drive to Appaloosa went smooth, even though it was heavy traffic now that everyone wanted to get home to their families for Christmas. Luna thought that the fact that she was running away from her family the day before Christmas was a bit entertaining. She had never been the typical family girl, and she had known in an instant that she would rather do the race than stay at home preparing for Christmas. She had made a promise to get back home on Christmas Eve, though. Mostly for the girls’ sake, because she knew they enjoyed the holidays and that they would want her to be there.

Luna hummed along to the catchy Christmas carols being played on the radio. It amused her how the same songs played over and over, each year. In a way, it was comforting. The world changed, but Christmas seemed to stay the same.

Screenshot-372She arrived in Appaloosa and checked Black Knight in over at Bright Star Horse Racing Park. He would stay the night there, getting ready for the next day’s race, while she would stay at a hostel close by, along with the other jockeys.


Screenshot-318-2Back home in Twinbrook, Calum welcomed a new addition to the family. This Thursday he had gone alone to the horse market for the first time, and he had found a filly that seemed promising to him. Odriana was a cross breed, but her muscles seemed to be developing rapidly and she was calm and relaxed.

Luna didn’t know about it, yet. It would be his Christmas gift for her, a new horse to work with. They had agreed on not giving anything to each other, but Odriana was a too good gift to pass. Besides, the timing was perfect. Calum smiled and petted the filly, he knew Luna would be thrilled when she found out.


Screenshot-373Luna woke up early the next day and hurried over to the racing park. She wanted to spend as much time as possible with Black Knight before the race since it gave her time to calm her own nerves. Blackie was always calm on race days, he was experienced enough by now, and he really enjoyed the races. Every time he was granted a new trophy he was proud and walked with his head high. He was an exceptional racing horse.

Even though Luna had ridden many races by now, she was still nervous before each new one. It was good, because the nerves kept you on your toes. She was used to being the favorite but in this race her stakes were high. Every famous jockey and horse wanted to join the Christmas Special Race. It was a true honor to even be invited. Luna knew she couldn’t expect to win, but she would at least try. Black Knight was in excellent shape and herself had managed to lose a kilo just for this specific race, so they would most likely have a chance to be in the top five.

Screenshot-375Black Knight was so experienced by now that she barely had to do anything in the race, other than hold on to the reins. He knew when to push hard and when to spare his efforts. When they made it to the last lap they were on third place and both Luna and Blackie knew that they had more to give. Luna pushed her heels against the back of the horse’s body and he responded by accelerating. The audience went wild when they passed the second horse and closed in on the leader.

Luna didn’t dare to look to the side as they sped up towards the finish line. One single little slip and Blackie would lose his speed, and that would cost them the chance they had of winning. She stood up in the stirrups and bent at the knees so that she almost laid over the horse’s neck. She was trying to make herself as small as possible so that the wind wouldn’t slow them down. When they crossed the finish line she had no idea whether they had won or placed second.

“That was a very, very, very close race!” The speaker proclaimed and the audience had gone completely silent. “In a few seconds, we will have the photofinish ready. Luna Lord did an excellent sprint there and I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually crossed that line before Hans Green and his well-known horse, Gollum.”

It was as though the whole arena held its breath until the speaker practically screamed, “And Luna IS the winner! Luna Lord and Black Knight are the winners of Bright Star Horse Racing Christmas Special 2012!”

Screenshot-377Luna hugged her horse tight before she jumped off. Her legs were like jelly and she knew she had probably just finished her best race ever. She hoped that Calum and the girls had watched it on the TV, she wanted them to be proud of her too. “Good job, boy” she spoiled her black hero with a carrot before her assistant came to take him in to the stable to un-saddle and wash him. This was the best christmas gift ever.


Screenshot-365Over in Twinbrook, the clock would soon be three and Jordan, Madison and their father was seated in front of the TV. It was an annual tradition to watch Donald Duck and his friends wishing a Merry Christmas. No one really enjoyed the show, but it was a tradition that they wouldn’t leave behind just because of that. They all felt like it wasn’t truly Christmas until that show was over.

“I wish mommy was here too” said Madison and sipped on her warm mulled wine. Jordan nibbled on one of her gingerbread cookies and agreed, “Me too. But she’s on her way home now, right?”Calum nodded and stirred the raisins down to his mulled wine and hummed something in response. Just moments later, the show started and they all went quiet and focused all their attention to the TV.

Screenshot-380The truth was, Luna wasn’t on her way home yet at all.

Screenshot-378“Luna?” The trailing, sleepy voice made Luna turn on her heel. Even though it was years since she last heard it, she recognized it immediately and even before her eyes had seen the voice’s owner, she felt how her heart flopped. She could barely believe he was standing right before her, merely a few meters away. She felt as though she had seen a ghost, and that was also about how she looked.

Brick smiled and Luna was afraid she might pass out. That smile. Even though she knew it well from the picture on her drawer, it was nothing like how beautiful it was in real life. She wondered how she could have possibly forgotten such a thing. “I just earned a lot of money, thanks to you” Brick said and smiled. Luna tried to say something in response, but she could only make out an inaudible mumble.

Screenshot-381It took a couple of moments until Luna regained her senses, and when she did she nearly screamed, “Brick?!” She threw himself around his neck. It took Brick by surprise, he hadn’t expected her to be this happy to see him. After all, she never replied to any of those letters. “I told ya you’d make a good jockey” he said once she had let go of him. They both smiled widely.

“I can’t believe you’re here” said Luna. Her heart was still racing, both because of the exhaustion from the race and from the feelings the pure sight of Brick provided. Brick carefully took her hand in his, hoping she wouldn’t turn him down, and pulled her out of the crowd that had gathered around her to congratulate. She followed him without hesitation, each step was like floating on pink clouds.

Screenshot-382“Ya never replied to them letters” Brick said once they were on their own.

“Letters?” Luna wondered. “What letters?”

Brick felt a stone collapse on his shoulders. All this time, he had nearly managed to let her go. He still thought of her every day, but the thought of her living a happy life had made it bearable. How could she not remember the letters?

Screenshot-383“I sent ya nine letters” he whispered. He couldn’t understand how she could have forgotten.

“I never got any letters!” Luna practically screamed and she wanted to punch him. “All that time, I was missing you like crazy. You, you showed me what love was and then you left me, alone and broken. And now you speak of letters. LETTERS?!

Brick felt a tear running down his cheek. The image he had come up with, where Luna was happy with her family and her horses was crushed at that very moment. She was never happy, she missed him. It should probably have made him happy, but all he could feel was sadness and guilt. He never wanted to break her heart. He sighed and told her about everything that had happened after she left, how she had changed him. How he still thought of her, how true their love had felt.

Screenshot-387When he finished his story Luna kissed him. She kissed him hard. It was a kiss that made up for years of lost love, years of missing and years of dreaming. They just couldn’t stop.


Screenshot-366 Screenshot-368Calum and the girls had just finished their dinner and were now busy playing a game of charades. It was also one of their traditions, although Luna had always been the one who enjoyed it the most, so it felt quite empty without her here. “She’ll be home soon, right?” Jordan wondered and threw a glance towards the gifts under the tree. They had never waited this long with opening them before, but they had agreed they wanted their mother to come home first.

Luckily, they heard Luna’s car turn in on the yard just an hour later and Calum went out to greet her. He was happy to see her and hugged her tight once she had stepped out of the car. Luna felt a sting of shame, but she wouldn’t let it show. “Go to the girls, they’ve missed you” Calum said. “I’ll take care of Blackie”. He did it both because of the girls, but also because of the gift that was waiting on Luna in the stable. It wasn’t time just yet.

Screenshot-355After a happy reunion the family took place in the loveseats, waiting for Santa to arrive. They had never understood how their parents could know when Santa would arrive, but they had been right about it every single year. It was late, and they were both getting tired but the excitement over the upcoming Christmas delivery was bigger.

Screenshot-357Soon, there was a loud knock on the door and the girls squealed with excitement and went to open. “Are there any good children here?” Santa wondered with a droning voice. Madison and Jordan clapped their hands with happiness and nodded, “We’ve been good!”

They ran ahead of Santa and took place in the loveseat again, waiting patiently on their names to be read from the gifts under the tree.

Screenshot-358“Looks like you’ve been very good” Santa chuckled and nodded towards the pile of gifts. The girls giggled and nodded eagerly.

With some huffing and puffing, Santa kneeled down and pulled the gifts out one by one from underneath the tree, reading on the labels of each and every one. The girls were on their best behavior and waited for their names to be called. “This one’s to Jordan from Mom and Dad.”

Screenshot-356“That’s me” Jordan chided and got up and collected her gift, hugging Santa as she did.

“And here’s one for Madison.” Both Luna and Calum were surprised what a good Santa they had this year, he managed to divide the gifts equally, so that none of the girls had to wait very long for their next gift to be read.

Screenshot-359 Screenshot-360“Thank you Santa.” Madison curtsied when she received her gift. Once all the gifts had been delivered, Santa thanked for this year and made the girls promise to be good next year too. Thereafter he waved us goodbye and the girls could begin open their gifts. Both girls shined with joy and happiness as they tore the paper apart and for each gift they unwrapped, they let out a little squeal of happiness.

Luna’s stomach knotted and she felt sick. Not because of actual illness, but because of her actions. This was her life. These girls.

Screenshot-369“It’s mommys turn now!” Jordan suddenly cried out and jumped up and down while tugging at her father’s arm. He laughed and nodded. “Let’s go out to the stables, shall we?” Luna felt confused but she followed them out.

Screenshot-370The girls were skipping excitedly in the front. They stopped in front of the stable doors, and allowed Luna to open them. As she did, her eyes grew wide in shock. In one of the stalls, stood the cutest, most precious little filly she had seen in a long, long time. “That’s Odriana” Calum explained and went up to hug Luna from behind. Luna couldn’t stand it any longer and started crying.

“Don’t you like her mommy?” Madison wondered and flapped her eyelashes.

Screenshot-371“Yes darling, mommy is crying with joy” Calum explained. He didn’t know that it wasn’t true. Luna wasn’t crying with joy, she was crying because of what she had done. And because she couldn’t understand how she would ever be able to choose between the two paths that had opened up before her.

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Generation 5: Luna – Chapter 16: Birthday girls

This chapter is rather short, but I’ll make up for it with a Christmas special, scheduled to be posted the 24th. That is the day when we in Sweden actually celebrate Christmas, and I plan on using some of our swedish traditions in the chapter.

You guys voted for a special with Luna and Brick, and that’s what you’ll get. Although, there was also a number of votes for Luna and Calum, so I will incorporate a little something about them, too.

Merry Christmas, I’ll see you all after the holidays!

Screenshot-291-1Once Black Knight had moved in with us, I spent a lot of time working with him. It felt as though my dream of becoming a jockey was closer than ever and I put a lot of work in to making him a good racing horse.

It wasn’t easy, and it sure took a lot of my time. First, I had to make sure we became good enough friends, so that we could work with each other and both know what we expected from one another. We spent a lot of time just hanging out, and I often found myself just rushing in quickly to get some food and then straight out to my new friend again. Luckily, he was quite responsive and easy to work with. He seemed friendly and I couldn’t help but to compare him to Sailing Light. They were basically each other’s opposite in that one department. I don’t know which one I preferred, but Black Knight was most definitely easier to work with.

Screenshot-299-1Next, I had to train him in to physical perfection. That step took both more time and more effort in reaching. I knew it was racing I really wanted to do, but I also knew it wasn’t enough to simply work on Black Knight’s speed, he also needed to be flexible and smooth. Therefore, we spent a lot of time with jumping training.

He was good, but not exactly a natural. I didn’t mind because I could feel his potential and I just knew he would become a good horse eventually. If we only learned each other’s riding styles, we would be the perfect couple.

Screenshot-300-1Screenshot-302It’s hard to describe a horse that enjoys training, but it’s safe to say you can feel it. There’s a happiness coarsing through a horse’s body when they get to stretch their muscles and really work hard. And Black Knight did enjoy the training we did, but he also complained if I pushed him too hard. It took us many weeks to get over the last hurdle, which was also the hardest one. When we finally sailed over it, we were both proud and happy. We celebrated it with sharing a carrot.

Screenshot-295-1Screenshot-296-1 It was a few months of hard training and as stated, it took up a lot of my time. I’m sad to say that I think I neglected the rest of my family a bit during that time. I even missed Madison’s first steps. She took them in the garden, stumbling ahead three steps in to her father’s open arms.

He was proud as a peacock afterwards and he kept bragging about it for several days. It didn’t make me feel jealous, but I did feel a bit ashamed. I didn’t want to neglect my little girls, I just couldn’t find any time for them between the both horses, Freya and my own eating patterns. It was a good thing I had Calum!

Screenshot-294-1The stress calmed down a few months later when I and Black Knight knew each other better and it was a joy to finally have time to just cuddle the girls or read them a story. I liked being a mother, but I also wanted to follow my dreams. So far, nothing in my life had really turned out the way I wanted, and now that I finally had the chance I didn’t want to let it slip.

I often wondered if this was how life was supposed to be? Was it really supposed to be this hard to juggle everything you wanted to do? It would have been a lot easier if the days were just a few hours longer, or something.

Screenshot-310-2Once I and Blackie were on the level where we knew each other and how we worked together, it was finally time to start racing against other horses and jockeys. The first race was an amateur race and I was extremely nervous when we were waiting to start. It turned out our practice had been good, and we won the race quite easy. I was very proud of myself and Blackie afterwards, even though the opponents had been rather weak compared to us.

After that, we progressed in the horse racing world quite rapidly. We went from amateur races to veteran races almost in an instant. Things were good, to say the least.

Screenshot-306-1Unfortunately, our wave of happiness didn’t last as long as we had hoped for and when Silver passed away I was beyond tears for weeks. It was hard, nearly impossible, to cope with the death of my very best friend. I missed him, and felt bad because Black Knight had taken so much of my time during Silver’s last few months. I would never be able to make up for that lost time.

We buried him under the big oak tree next to our training paddock. He had loved that oak and he was constantly relaxing in the shadow of it during his last time. It was only right that he could continue with that. Dear, dear Silver. He would be forever missed and remembered as the true friend he was.

Screenshot-313-2Calum was sad too. Of course he was, but he was still the one who managed to stay floating and continue to care for the everyday-life. I know he cried now and then, too, even if he blamed smoke or dust in his eyes. I don’t know, there’s nothing wrong in crying when you lose a friend, even if it’s “just” a horse. Still, I’m glad that he did the everyday chores. He took care of me, like he had always done.

I was extremely happy to have in my life.

Screenshot-312-2On the girls birthday we decided to just have a family day in the garden. Or rather, Calum and the girls decided. I was still quite lost in my grief, and when I wasn’t missing Silver, I was busy with training. In hard times, you have to focus on the things that brings you true joy. To me, that was riding.

Screenshot-317-2It might sound as if I didn’t love my family, but I did. I really did. The girls were about the most precious thing I had. But all my life, other people had decided in my life and I was finally at the point where I could make my own decisions. Jordan and Madison would simply have to adapt to that, they had to fit in to that calculation. They couldn’t be a chapter on their own. It worked out alright. Much thanks to Calum.

Both the girls grew up in to beautiful and independent children, and in contrast to myself and my twin brother, they were the best of friends.

Screenshot-316-2I think I was actually a bit jealous. It seemed amazing to always have your best friend close. To always have someone to play with, to talk to. Someone who actually talked back. Someone you trusted. Someone who cared for you and backed you up.

Someone like Calum, I suppose.

Some family pictures from the birthday:

Screenshot-338-2Screenshot-333-2Screenshot-336-2 Screenshot-337-2Screenshot-340-2 Screenshot-342-2Screenshot-344-2 Screenshot-345-2 Screenshot-347-2 Screenshot-348-2 Screenshot-350-2 Screenshot-351-2 Screenshot-352-2

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