About me

Hey there, my name is Sofie and I’m a 24-year old simmer from Sweden. I live here with my fiance and our dog Gibson. He is a pug and probably the cutest one you’ll ever find (yes, I may be a bit biased). I’m a language teacher student and my biggest interests are computer games, watching movies/series and creating stuff.

I’ve played legacies since I first laid my hands on The Sims 2 and so far I have completed two. The Lord family will be the first one where I write a story about it though. I hope you will enjoy what you read and if you have any questions of any kind just ask.

And as a last note, english is not my first language so if you find any weird sentences or any spelling mistakes feel free to point it out. I feel like I’m still learning loads of this language!


2 Responses to About me

  1. simplyredsal says:

    Hey! I just started my first Legacy, and I love the way your blog is laid out. Would you mind telling me how you got all the menu items like Family Tree, Scoring, etc? I know WordPress is supposed to be easy but I can’t seem to find the right place. Thanks!


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