Extra: Jordan’s University Experience (Part 2)

Screenshot-395 Screenshot-394Jordan wakes up for her first morning on University with a pounding headache and nausea. She knows it is a result of the previous night’s partying and that she has no-one but herself to blame. Yet, she feels sorry for herself – the headache is just that bad.

She tries to sit up but it feels like she will be sick from the effort and quickly lies down again. Even though she is feeling quite under the weather she notices that Cid’s bed is neatly made and she assumes that he spent the night some place different.

She spends the whole day in bed, dreading the moment when Cid will come back and see her. She both feels and looks awful. But Cid never gets back that day.

Screenshot-376Screenshot-378The next day Jordan is feeling a lot better and she wakes up early and gets up easily because she is excited for her first day with classes.

Cid never got back yesterday and he hasn’t slept in his bed this night either. Jordan does not want to think much about it and yet she hesitates at the door and glances back at his bed. She wonders if it was something she said that’s keeping him away. She did not mean to make enemies.

Screenshot-380Right before leaving the dorm Jordan remembers herself saying that she wasn’t Cid’s friend. It’s true, but from the vague memories he only tried to care for her. She pushed him away because he has blue hair and because he does not look like someone she would want to be friends with. There is a small bit of regret in her thoughts but she pushes it away and remains determined to make friends with the more pretty and popular ones. From what she has understood, Cid does not belong to that group.

She stands thinking this before leaving and it prevents her from leaving when she should and once she snaps out of her thoughts she realizes she is almost late and she has to run for her first class. She does not want to be late.

Screenshot-381Screenshot-382The first class was easy enough as it was mostly an introduction for what’s to come. Jordan is still excited when she steps outdoors after class and she feels remarkably happy about her choice of degree.

Any thought she previously had about Cid is now vanished.

Screenshot-384Screenshot-385After the first class she feels confused and lonely. She has no friends to hang out with between classes yet and she can barely find her way around campus. At least not well enough to go explore in the two-hour gap before the next class. After all, she does not want to get lost on her first day.

Outside a few other students are sitting on the grass studying and when Jordan sees this she decides to sit down with her sketchbook as well. She thinks that the students sitting there looks busy rather than lonely, even if they are by themselves and that looks a lot better than standing alone and confused.

Screenshot-386 Screenshot-387Sketching is something that can really take Jordan’s focus and while she is sitting outside the lecture hall, drawing whatever comes to her mind she does not hear the other students walking by.

Clarissa has to clear her throat twice and speak three times before Jordan looks at her. If you saw it happen, you would think that Jordan was ignoring the cheerleader, but if you knew Jordan you would know that she would never do such a thing. When she does realize Clarissa is speaking to her, she smiles her prettiest smile but when Clarissa snarls “Scarface” the smile fades and Jordan feels incredibly hurt.

Screenshot-401 Screenshot-403 Screenshot-402Jordan feels a bit discouraged when she goes to her next lecture class. She had really hoped to make friends with Clarissa but it had become quite clear that Clarissa would not want something of the kind. Jordan tried to focus her attention on the teacher who was explaining how to see the dimensions when drawing animals. It was basic, maybe too basic – judging by the amount of students who had fallen asleep at their benches. Jordan wondered if the teacher didn’t notice them or if she just ignored it.

Screenshot-404After the last class of the day Jordan headed down to the coffee shop on campus, hoping to make some friends there. She did not enjoy being alone, without even one friend. It was certainly not something she was used to, growing up with a twin sister.

Screenshot-405A few students danced and laughed together and Jordan glanced over at them, hoping that one of them would notice her and ask her to join them. It didn’t happen and she couldn’t get herself to ask if she could join them.

She blamed the scar as per usual, even though the scar in reality had very little to do with her insecurity. It did play a minor part, but all in all it was the experience of being alone at a new place with new people without a single sanctuary that caused her insecurity.

Screenshot-406She sat down outside the coffee shop and finished her mocha latte. It tasted really good and for the first time outside of class today, Jordan actually enjoyed herself. The coffee shop was a neat place and Jordan promised herself to go back often.

Screenshot-412When she got back to the dorm she decided to cook some dinner for herself. She noticed that someone followed her in to the kitchen but she didn’t look back to see who it was, and as such she didn’t realize it was Cid. Had she done so she would have thought that he had suddenly came back from the dead, but now she didn’t.

Cid was still confused about Jordan Lord. He knew she was most likely a person he wouldn’t want to make friends with as she seemed rather hollow – much like the jocks he despised so much. Still, he felt protective about her and there was something that made him feel drawn to her. And to him, the scar in Jordan’s face was the most beautiful thing about her.

Screenshot-413Jordan didn’t notice him until she turned around from the fridge and by then she thought it was too late to say anything else than a simple “Hello”. She wanted to ask him where he had been and why he hadn’t been sleeping in their room, but she knew it was really none of her business.

Cid, who was also wanting to ask Jordan several questions, also felt like they had been off to a weird start and tried to stay out of her way instead of pursuing her even more. Once he had taken a salad from the fridge he sat down at a different table than Jordan. They ate their dinner in an awkward silence.

Jordan wondered if maybe he was ignoring her.

Screenshot-396Between the classes the next day Jordan sat down outside and doodled a bit in her sketchbook when Cid once again crossed her mind. He had been sleeping in their room that night but he hadn’t said a word to her and she was getting more sure of the fact that he was ignoring her.

Screenshot-397Just a few moments later he came running past her. Jordan saw him in the corner of her eye but he didn’t even look at her. He seemed to be in a real hurry and Jordan just shook her head in confusion. She couldn’t understand why she even cared about him. He was such a weird guy.

Screenshot-398Cid did actually notice Jordan sitting on the grass field all by herself and he felt a bit sorry for her. It had been three days and she still hadn’t gained a single friend. He knew from experience that if that didn’t change very soon, she would have a very lonesome experience at University. But what could he do when she ignored his every try to make contact? He needed to stop caring about her, really. She was a grown-up girl after all and she should be able to care for herself.

But he couldn’t shake the feeling that she was too vulnerable to be left on her own.

Screenshot-410Cid finds Jordan all alone in the study room of the dorm later that night and even though he has promised himself to stay out of her way he enters the room and approaches her. “You’re not that good at making friends, are you?” he asks. As usual, he doesn’t realize that the question is far too blunt for someone you barely know and when Jordan frowns he cannot understand what he has done wrong.

Screenshot-411“What do you mean” Jordan asks annoyed. She can’t believe she actually worried that he was ignoring her just a few hours ago. She thinks to herself that ignorance would be far better than the blunt and straight-forward way he talks to her now. She never did anything to upset him so why is he so determined to make her feel bad? First the question about the scar and now this.

Screenshot-408“Well, you are here all by yourself and you don’t even seem to study and if you wanted to make friends you wouldn’t just keep to yourself, would you? Friends don’t just magically fall from the sky” Cid explains, not knowing that Jordan’s question was actually more a way of saying ‘Leave me alone’ than an actual question.

He feels more and more intrigued about her because she is so far from the usual jock girl he has ever had any contact with, and yet a jock is what she is at heart. Not that such a thing couldn’t change though. Cid knows this far too well. He has lost and gained numerous friends due to them changing social groups during his time at University. And, he remembers himself, Jordan is yet only a jock at heart and not an actual member of their little shallow group yet. He is certain that there are more brains behind this girl’s appearance.

Cid does not realize that himself is rather focused on looks and that Jordan’s scar is what really makes him think there is more to her and that it is also what keeps pulling him towards her even if he would rather keep a safe distance.

Screenshot-409“I don’t know why I do this” Cid mutters to himself and Jordan just keeps staring at him, wishing he would just leave her alone. “I’ll help you” Cid says and smiles.

“With what?” Jordan spits. She does not want his help. She does not want to be seen with him because she is fairly certain that will destroy any reputation she would ever hope to gain.

“You want to get with the jocks, right?” Cid asks and scratches the back of his head. He does not know why he does this, why he keeps in insisting to socialize with the jocks simply for Jordan’s sake. “I’ll take you bowling, tonight. There’s always a bunch of them there and I will let you socialize with them as you please.”

“And why would you do that?” Jordan wonders. “What do you get of it?”

“Nothing” Cid replies. He thinks that is the truth because he is still oblivious to the fact that he wants to hang out with Jordan. Not because he wants to guard her and keep her safe, but because he is intrigued with her and wants to get under her shell. He wants to get to know her, and possibly be friends with her.

Oh, I changed some of Cid’s traits by the way because they didn’t fit with the image I had of him. I don’t remember his initial traits but now he is at least Inappropriate, Hot-Headed, Social Butterfly. And I can’t remember the rest. ^^


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2 Responses to Extra: Jordan’s University Experience (Part 2)

  1. yimiki says:

    I really like Cid ^^ If he was a real person, I think he’d be the type that I would hang out with. Probably.
    Poor Jordan, how does she expect to make friend if she doesn’t approach anyone? That’s not a good way to get started on your new school. =(

  2. Pumpkin - Smash says:

    I dislike Clarissa, she’s rude and a complete snob, it really irks me that she’s that focused on looks, honestly Jordan should forget about her because Clarissa is not worth it. I know it’s easier said than done because she used to be popular and really doesn’t help her insecurities when she is being judged on her scar.

    I think she should be Cid’s friend because he’s so nice to Jordan even though she hasn’t treated him the best. He seems to understand her and seems to be fairly wise and know that Jordan probably didn’t mean to act the way she did with him.

    Overall nice work, can’t wait to read more.

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