Extra: Jordan’s University Experience (Part 1)

I decided to use Jordan as my test-sim for University. This little update both is and is not a part of the current storyline. As such, you can read this without knowing much else about this legacy. It’ll be several parts but I’m not sure how many yet.

Screenshot-325 Screenshot-326 Screenshot-327 Screenshot-328Jordan Lord was standing outside and the September night was feeling more chilly than commonly. Maybe it was just the fact that she was taking the aptitude test for University that sent chills through her body and not that it was actually very cold outside.

She didn’t know what she wanted to study but the aptitude test suggested Art and since Jordan had always enjoyed painting and drawing she decided that would be a good start.

Screenshot-333 Screenshot-334She was nervous when she ran for her pick-up. But also excited.

Screenshot-337Jordan arrives at Uni and is feeling rather nervous about the whole thing. Ever since she got the scar she’s been a bit shy when it comes to strangers. She’s just scared they will judge her because of it. And now, new place, new people and nothing familiar what-so-ever.

Screenshot-379Jordan is supposed to share room with another student. When she walks through the doors to that very room she is not very pleased. It’s dirty and slobby and there are things everywhere. Old spray cans, dried brushes, half-finished paintings and old signs lying about. It’s a dump.

She is to live with a slob, and that does not make her happy.

The only up-side about it is that at least this slob seems interested in creating arts, so maybe they will have something in common.

Screenshot-340 Screenshot-338Not knowing what else to do, Jordan quickly unpacks her things. Each thing on its righteous place – underwear in the top drawer, shirts in the middle and pants in the bottom one.

When she’s done she sits nervously on the edge of the doublebed and looks around. It is a dump.

Eventually it gets boring just sitting around so she takes her place at the drawing board and starts doodling mindlessly. She’s decided to take an Art degree and she’s determined to be a good student and earn a good grade.

Screenshot-341Jordan does not know how long it has been since she started sketching but after a while she senses someones presence. She finishes the line she had started drawing before looking around.

A man is standing behind her, peaking over he shoulder at her work. It embarrasses her and she wonders how he managed to sneak up on her without her notice.

Screenshot-342“Welcome new girl” the man says and throws his arms out in a silly gesture, as if the presence of Jordan Lord is the best thing that had happened to him in weeks.

‘Blue hair’ Jordan thinks to herself. ‘Who the fudge had blue hair’.

“You’re lucky!” the man continues and the smile on his face grows even wider. “For you are to share room with Cid – ME!”

Jordan grunts something in response, feeling even less excited about the room she got and the man she has to share it with. He is a slob, and one with blue hair at that. Just great.

Screenshot-343Screenshot-344Cid stands behind her for a few moments, waiting for some kind of reaction but soon realizes that Jordan has gone back to her drawing board and is now ignoring him. He’s not one to feel let-down by such a happening and he knows that the newcomers are sometimes shy to their roommates and such seems to be the case with this girl.

He knows how it can be. He has gone through several newcomers during his six terms. Either they move out after one term or they take their degree and leave. He can’t imagine such a thing, to ever leave University. This has become his life, his one and true passion.

“Yo Cid” another man suddenly says and enters the room. His name is Danny and like Cid he has been to University for several terms. They are best of friends. Jordan is starting to feel really annoyed by this. She should have rented an apartment instead. Here, she might never get any privacy to study. “I see you got a girl this time” Danny says and jokingly hit Cid on the shoulder.

“Yup, an angry one at that” Cud replies and winks. Jordan doesn’t see the wink though, and begins to feel more and more irritated with her new roommate.

Screenshot-346After a while Danny leaves and the door shuts behind him. Cid starts walking around the room, picking up some things from the floor and put them down again at some other spot. Almost as if he was rearranging the place. It seems to be done irrationally and that annoys Jordan even more.

She is not fond of strangers, messes or irrational behaviors.

Yet, she knows that she will share this room with this Cid for an entire term and she needs to get on with him. At least decently. As such, she decides to introduce herself properly.

Screenshot-350 Screenshot-351They chat for a while and Jordan almost starts thinking that perhaps this Cid isn’t as bad as she first thought. He is friendly and gives her some tips and advises on how to survive the first few hectic days at University.

But Cid, who is not exactly socially skilled and rather blunt and straight-forward at times, hasn’t been able to think of much except the scar that covers Jordan face. He thinks it makes her unique and interesting and he finds himself curious.

“How did you end up with that scar?” he asks, not even thinking about the fact that it might be an inappropriate question for someone you just met.

Screenshot-348“IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” Jordan explodes and just barely manages to control herself enough to not slap Cid across the face. She knows that the scar raises questions and that it’s something she will always be unable to hide and something that she will learn to deal with, but so far it’s still a hurtful reminder of the beauty she lost.

Cid looks at her while she rages in front of him, not realizing how a simple question could lead to such a reaction. He thinks that she must learn to deal with that one question if she’s going to survive at University because many people here are blunt and straight-forward. ‘The jocks will eat her alive if they see her vulnerability’ he thinks. Cid is not so fond of the jocks and thinks they are brainless and shallow. But something tells him that they are the ones Jordan will want to socialize with and for some reason he feels like he has to protect her from them. After all, they are sharing room and he knows how to handle them.

Screenshot-352Jordan is boiling when she stomps out of the dorm and to her bicycle. She pedals fast and some of the rage blows up with the wind. It was just her luck to be paired up with such an idiot as Cid, she thinks to herself.

Screenshot-354She arrives at the main building of campus, where a welcome event is being held. She looks around and realizes that the place is big and there are LOTS of new faces. It makes her feel rather uneasy.

Luckily, she finds a table where no-one else is trying to get information about their classes and get their welcome gifts. She snatches hers from the table quickly and goes to sit at a quiet spot to read through all of the brochures. It’s a lot to take in but she manages to make out that she has three classes to attend three days a week as well as some art group assemblies and one lecture each week. It might keep her busy enough so she doesn’t have to spend so much time around Cid, she thinks.

Screenshot-356Feeling slightly hungry after the bike ride here Jordan decides to buy a little snack from one of the vending machines but once she had paid her snack won’t fall down the hatch and simply sways on the edge. Combined with the annoyance over Cid’s question about her scar this makes her rather angry and she starts shaking the machine with fury, cursing at it while tears are forming in her eyes. Jordan does not want to cry on her first day at University and when the chocolate bar falls down and allows her to take it she feels relieved and manages to suppress the tears.

She will get through this, it will only be tough the first few days. She knows this because Cid told her so.

Screenshot-355Jordan remains in the building until pretty much everyone has disappeared. She doesn’t notice this though because she is busy just staring down at her sketchbook while all kinds of things appears on the paper in front of her.

A girl steps up to her and introduces herself as Clarissa and wonders why Jordan isn’t on her way to the kick-off-party. When Jordan look up she sees a girl dressed in a cheerleader suit. She is very pretty. She is the type of girl Jordan would want to be friends with and as such she agrees on accomapny Clarissa to the kick-off-party.

Jordan doesn’t know that her fringe had been covering the scar when she was looking down her sketchbook. And because Jordan doesn’t want to, she doesn’t see that Clarissa frowns at the sight of the scar. And because she doesn’t see this, Jordan doesn’t know that Clarissa will never want to be her friend because that scar prevents Jordan from being pretty enough. Being pretty is very important to Clarissa.

Screenshot-357 Screenshot-359 Screenshot-358Since Jordan doesn’t know that Clarissa will never be her friend, and since Clarissa knows she can’t turn Jordan down right after inviting her to the party, they make company to the right dorm. Once they are there, Clarissa dumps Jordan outside and goes inside.

Jordan is feeling rather lonely out there and because she is anxious about the scar she is starting to worry it was a mistake to go here. She would never have gone if she were alone, and now she is alone. While she stands thinking about these things a naked girl suddenly runs past her. The whole thing is so surreal and funny that Jordan starts laughing.

The girl running is named Shannon and even though she is hosting several parties throughout the years to which the jocks always comes, she is not actually a member of their social group. She is more of a hybrid, socializing with all different kinds of people. Of course, Jordan does not know this and merely find this girl to be weird but fun.

Screenshot-363Shannon invites Jordan inside after she has run one lap around the house and since Shannon is still naked while talking to Jordan, Jordan is a bit uncomfortable but she agrees to go inside.

Jordan comes from a family where juice is a very rare thing. Both her parents are equestrians and they simply don’t have time for juice and parties. Jordan herself has never really tried juice before either and when she is handed a cup she feels a bit shy at first. She of course knows what she is supposed to do with it, but she does not know what that is supposed to do with her. Even so, she drinks everything in it and even though it tastes rather bitter she refills her cup.

Screenshot-368 Screenshot-366Jordan drinks several cups of juice and realizes that it helps her calm down. She does not feel as shy as she usually does and she almost forget about her scar. Shannon asks her to do a keg stand, which Jordan happily agrees to even though she does not know what it is or has ever heard of it before.

Cid, who doesn’t usually go to this kind of parties has gone to this specific one. He doesn’t know why he feels responsible for Jordan, but there is something about her that makes him want to protect her. He can see that she is material for the jocks but he also knows that even though the jocks accept people with appearance flaws, like Jordan’s scar, they do not go easy on them. And unless you are a pure beauty (Cid hates this definition but he doesn’t know anyone better) you are better without the jocks. He turns around when Shannon lifts Jordan up for the keg stand because Cid knows that the veteran students have great fun in getting the newcomers really juiced. He feels sorry for Jordan.

Screenshot-370Because Jordan is being held upside-down at the juice keg, she does not see the jocks laughing at her. And because Cid is not upside-down and is not facing Jordan but the jocks, he does see this and it makes him angry and sad.

He wonders why he cares so much about Jordan but he can’t figure it out.

Screenshot-373“Let’s go back home Jordan” Cid says because he can see that Jordan is already starting to get pretty badly juiced. But Jordan doesn’t agree, she doesn’t feel juiced – she feels relaxed. And she’s having fun.

“I’m not your friend Cid. Just go.” Jordan slurs and Cid does not know whether he should force her home with him or let her be. He knows that she is right, they are not friends and he cannot force her to come with her. But he also knows that there is a risk that the jocks will hurt her.

In the end he goes without her.

Screenshot-372 Screenshot-371Jordan stays long enough to see Shannon run naked through the house one more time. By then, Jordan herself is so juiced that she almost thinks it would be a good idea to follow Shannon’s lead. Luckily, she is still conscious enough to realize that it’s time to head back home when that thought occurs. As such, she leaves without saying goodbye to anyone, for there is no-one who expects her to say goodbye.

Screenshot-389Jordan almost trips in the stairs on her way up to her room. The world seems to spin around her and it almost feels as if she’s floating. She understands that it is because of the juice and she feels rather happy.

When she gets to the room she tries to sneak in quietly for she does not want to wake Cid up. She hadn’t needed to, though, for Cid is not there.

Screenshot-390She is not in a state where she wonders anything about that fact. She changes in to her pajamas and leave her used clothes in a pile by the side of the bed. For Jordan Lord, that is a very strange thing to do. She always folds her clothes back in to the drawers before going to bed. She doesn’t even react to this herself, but that is indeed a first indication to the change in personality Jordan is going to experience.


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7 Responses to Extra: Jordan’s University Experience (Part 1)

  1. I love Jordan!! Also Cid. Her Uni adventures are fantastic-I can’t wait for more(:

    • FruHurricane says:

      Thanks. I’m loving her too and was starting to feel sad that she wasn’t the heir when I started playing her because her story just came so easy.

      Hopefully the same thing will happen with Kevin!

  2. What a great idea. I’m glad to see a bit of Jordan since I really liked her at well.

  3. liauntamed says:

    Yay, I love Jordan. I voted for her and was kind of sad she didn’t win

  4. yimiki says:

    Jordan is such a sweety, and I really like Cid for wanting to protect her ^^ I just hope she won’t get hurt by the Jocks like Cid fears she will.

  5. jonso says:

    Maybe you could do a dual heir. 🙂

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