Gen 5: Luna – Chapter 9: Efforts

“Why did you make me do it?” I stormed up to Brick as he was spreading the hay for the night and demanded to know. My first day at riding school had been far from successful.

Sailing Light was the devil in the shape of a horse. She had refused to even let me saddle her for almost an hour and by the time our practice for the day was over I had only just managed to get up in the saddle. When I led her back to her stall I had tears in my eyes and I wondered if the others would make fun of me because of my failures. Most likely.

“I didn’t” Brick smiled. “You made your own choice, love.”

“Don’t you dare to ‘love’ me!” I was furious. For some reason this guy caused an inferno of feelings within me.

“Hey hey! Calm done now, will’ya? I ain’t sayin’ it will be easy, alright. But I know you can do it.” He took a firm grip of my arms and looked at me, “None of them others could handle her. But I can feel that you can. Just go slow and steady, okay? Sailin’ likes you, she’s just darn stubborn, like I told ya.”

I relaxed a bit because his hands against my upper arms felt good. It made a calm feeling spread in my body and I sighed, “Okay.”

She liked me, he had said. I never even wondered how he could know such a thing, it just felt good that he had said it. She liked me. And he knew I could handle her. He put trust in me and that was such a rare thing to happen that I found myself with a strong will and determation for success. I didn’t come all the way to Appaloosa for failure. I would learn how to ride and I would manage to tame Sailing. I would!

“Are you alright?” Laila asked me when later that day, when we were sitting in our shared livingroom. Her voice was filled with honest worry. “I can’t believe they let such horses be on a riding school! They should have kind and calm horses!” She was upset for my sake and she felt truly sorry for me.

“It’s alright” I said, and felt surprised when I realized that I actually meant it. “She’ll come around eventually.”

“They should have handed her to someone more experienced. I mean, it’s easier to learn the basics if the horse actually cooperates.” She said comforting.

“Yea… I suppose. But I know I can do it.”

“Oh yea, that’s not what I meant” Laila hurried to explain. “It’s just, you know the first experience and all.”

I liked her. She was kind and friendly. I wonder if she would be that way if she knew what my life was like at home. She reminded me a bit of myself, before I changed my appearance. Ordinary, friendly and somewhat weak and eager to please others.

“Thanks Laila” I said and meant it. Before she managed to say anything else there was a loud sound coming from the stairs. Someone was walking with heavy steps. Judging by the sound of it, the person coming up was doing its best to make as much sound as possible. It didn’ come as much of a surprise to Luna when Nyx’s multi-colored hair came in sight.

Even though I didn’t know why, I was scared of this girl. Perhaps because Brick had warned me about her, perhaps because she had been so negative at the introduction. Whatever reason, the pure presence of Nyx sent shivers through my body and both me and Laila was suddenly unable to speak.

“What?” Nyx hissed when she had finished her noisy trip upstairs. “Flame Head and Fake Goth suddenly lost the ability to speak?”

When neither me or Laila replied, Nyx scowled, “One could at least hope here would have been decent people, but no!” I looked at Laila, who looked about as scared as I felt. We had indeed lost the ability to speak.

Nyx slammed the door to her bedroom and left me alone with Laila in the livingroom again. The three of us were the only students living at the centre this summer since the other two students lived in Appaloosa already. “What’s her problem?” Laila whispered when we were sure Nyx couldn’t hear us anymore and I shrugged, “Who knows?”

Fake Goth.
 The words echoed in my head as I tried to fall asleep. Fake, fake, fake. How could she possibly have me figured out already? How could it be that Nyx already knew that this wasn’t me? That the black make-up, the short skirt, the broken stockings and the short dark, cocky hair was as far from my personality we could come.

I was fake, but I had to be, right? It was survival instincts, right? Not everyone noticed, right?

I haven’t always loved mornings. Every new day used to mean more tormenting, accelerating bullying. But here, in Appaloosa Plains, on Bloomsville Equesterian Centre, a new morning meant more riding and more stuff to learn. And as I opened my eyes this morning, I just knew that this would be the day that I finally managed to reach Saling Light.

I had started going down to the stable early in the morning to help Brick with the morning routines. It basically involved feeding, brushing, clean their hooves and sometimes cleaning the stalls. I thought it was the perfect idea on how to get closer to Sailing and Brick just seemed happy to get some company.

“Here you go, girl. It’s carrots, your favourite” I said and petted her muffle. I was glad that we had come this far. That I was able to pet and hug her. She even let me saddle her without too much fuss.

“See, she’s startin’ to come around. She likes you, I told ya so” Brick’s accent heavy, sleepy voice was like music to my ears. Usually we did the morning feeding in silence but occassionally he said a word or two. Mostly it was about how happy he was that I was the one riding Sailing this summer.

“Yea, I think so. We’re getting there with the riding, too” I said and smiled towards him.

Saling seemed to be in a good mood today and didn’t nibble or stomp at me a single time during the morning routines. I had a good feeling when it was time for the day’s class to begin. “What do you say Sailing, are we actually going to focus on riding today?”

I lowered the stirrups and careully placed my one foot in it. It was still a scary thing to do, since you could never know if Sailing would approve or not. I slowly placed more and more weight on the foot in the stirrup and watched closely for any kind of reaction from my horse but she was standing still and calm. I took a shot and threw my one leg over, straddling her. And it worked! It worked! 

But then, once I was up in the saddle there was another obstacle to conquer: Actually riding her. She didn’t look this big from the ground but it felt like I was an eternity above ground. “Good job there Luna” Molly shouted somewhere in the distance. “Now give her a push with your heels to get her to move.”

And it was just that, getting her to move, that I was terrified of. 

I did start her up though and I held on to the reins so hard that my knuckles turned white. The world around me was nothing but a blur. I couldn’t focus on anything else than staying on Sailing’s back and I realized that I didn’t trust her for one bit. It sways more than you would think on a horse’s back.

She started walking slowly and as the minutes passed by I started to become aware of my surroundings again. I did it, I was riding!

Brick was filling up water in one of the horses vats and as we passed him he waved towards me, while smiling widely. “I knew you could do it! You go, Luna!” he yelled.

I could feel the change in my entire body when the mouth formed a smile and I started to relax a bit in the saddle. I was riding Sailing Light, the darn stubborn mare, and it was going well. I loosened the grip of the reins and decided to use my one hand to wave back to Brick.


I shouldn’t have done it. Losing the hold of the reins caused me to slip right out of the saddle and I landed with a thud on my bum on the hard ground. Dust swirled up around me and maybe that was what caused tears in my eyes, or maybe it was the pain in my bum  or the shame and humiliation.

“Just get up there again. It was going fine, you can do it Luna” Brick, who had hurried up to me, whispered in my ear as he helped me back on my feet. “Unless you’ve fallen off at least once you haven’t put enough effort in.”

I smiled towards him and pretended to wipe some dust off my face, when it really was tears. I hoped he hadn’t seen.

I was back up in the saddle within no time, even more determined to get the hang of this whole riding thing. I was the only one of the students who had fallen off, and if you should believe Brick (and I did in this matter), that meant I was the only one who had put enough effort in. That must mean something, right?

After my fall everything went smooth that day and Molly said I and Sailing would possibly be ready to trot the next day. It was my biggest success in life this far!

After a nice, warm shower I felt happy and satisfied with the day. I would go down to help Brick with the evenings chores later, but until then I had a few hours to just relax.

I had just fallen asleep on top of the bedspreads when a familiar sound woke me up. It took me a moment to realize it was my phone. I looked at the screen to see a dozen of notifications. 9 missed calls. 15 texts.

Calum. I had totally forgotten about him! We had talked on the day of my arrival but ever since then I hadn’t brought my phone with me at any point and once it was time to go to bed I was usually so exhausted that I fell asleep right away.

All the texts looked quite the same: “Luna! I miss you, I hope you’re fine”, “I hope you not responding means you’re having fun”, “I miss you Luna”, “Luna, it feels like it was forever since I spoke to you. Can’t you at least answer on my texts?”, “Are you mad at me or something? I miss you. Please just write something.”

I sighed. Calum belonged to another life, one wehere I wasn’t allowed to feel happiness or be good at stuff. One where I couldn’t work in a stable all day long. One were Brick couldn’t give me extra tips on how to improve my riding. There was no room for Calum in this life. But, a little part of me did feel sorry for him and that little part decided to answer to one of the texts: “Calum! I’m sorry, it’s so busy here. I barely have any free time. Riding is fantastic and the horses here are beautiful. Not as Silver, but still. See ya in a couple of weeks.”

Once the message was sent away I felt a bit sad. I don’t really know why, but maybe because his name reminded me of that disgusting kiss and the life I had back home. Maybe because I realized I had to go back there at some point. Maybe it was shame for not missing him.

I didn’t have time to dwell in it too long because mom entered the room shortly after. “Luna” she said. “That young guy was looking for you. He wondered if you wanted to help him wash the horses off?”

“Brick?” I asked, all the sad feelings running off me in an instant. “I’ll be back later!”

I was used to the smell in the stables by now, but it made me happy non-the-less. It was a special atmosphere in the stable, different smells mixed with the sounds of the animals. Sailing Light neighed recognicially as I entered. Brick said it was because she was starting to trust me.

We worked in silence next to each other. The heavy physical work with spreading hay in the stalls pretty much demanded silence. The only sound I would be able to get out would have been grunting anyway. But once we were finished, Brick asked me to sit down in the further end for a chat.

“There’s a horse race comin’ up this weekend” he said once we were seated. “You ever been to one?”

I shook my head no.

“I was thinkin’ maybe you’d like to come with me?” he wondered and I looked at him surprised. Let it be that I was a different person here, but a cute guy asking me to go with him for a date? Was it even a date? Who cares, of course I wanted to go!”

“I’d love to!” I said and Brick placed a hand on my leg and smiled once I had agreed. It didn’t feel tense or weird at all. “Great” he said, “I’ll get us some tickets then!”


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25 year old gamer girl from Sweden who enjoys a sweet fiance, a sweet pug, The Sims and various other games. Officially classified as a geek.
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14 Responses to Gen 5: Luna – Chapter 9: Efforts

  1. Arrowleaf says:

    Awww, I feel so bad for Cal but I must admit that Brick is beginning to win me over. He’s so supportive of Luna (not that Cal isn’t) but maybe Brick will make her see there’s nothing wrong with her.

  2. Wicki Chick says:

    I missed chapter eight so I went back and read that first, I felt the excitement. I felt Luna’s relief she would have experienced, going somewhere new and temporarily leaving a horrible moment behind.
    I like her idea of creating a fresh new look, something to completely mask the struggles she has inwardly left behind. You always do such an excellent job with charicature and that just shines here. I gotta say, Brick comes off as a guy who would find a job like working in the stables. He is very charismatic, but not in a refined way. I think this is where pictures can either help or hurt your story depending on what you were wanting to convey with this character. He appears to be mindfully intelligent, but outwardly he seems lonely and apart. It does make me want to get to know him better, but if looks are any indication, then there is something to reveal about him. I like Laila, she is like “comfort food” a people pleaser genuinely given. She will be a good friend for Luna. However, the personality I think Luna will learn the most from is Nix. Nix is a package of confusion, hurt, fear and angar, she and Luna have more in common with each other then either realize. The only thing that separates them is the way they handle their feelings. I believe both could learn good things from each other to level out the negative and bring out the positive…I guess we’ll see.

    • FruHurricane says:

      Your comments always make me so happy. I can’t believe all the effort you put in to your reading and comments on mine and other player’s stories. I really, really appreciate it!

      Brick has moved right in to my heart and there is A LOT still to reveal about him, although I’m not sure how much will be known in the legacy. He might need his own short story eventually. 🙂

  3. HI Fru,

    Enjoyed the update with Luna learning to ride. She’s suppose to mount from the other side though. Her posture looks good with her back straight, heels down, elbows in, and hands ahead. Just a little of what I learning in my riding lessons. It’s funny when my Sims are riding I try to give them lessons even though I know they can’t hear me. Hope that Luna learns that being herself is the best way to be.


    • FruHurricane says:

      Thanks! Funny you mention the mounting… Wonder why the animations are incorrect in game. Oh well…

      Luna will learn more and more, I’ve read quite a few “riding books” the past days so I have some kind of knowledge about it now. There are of course still things one can’t read to learn. Hehe. I’m trying to learn about galloop techniques at the moment. Brick should know, but I can’t really ask him. Lol.

  4. I enjoyed this immensely. I could relate to Luna since I seem to have a connection with the head strong animals. I always end up riding the horses that test me and give me trouble at first. lol. I still have this bad feeling about Brick. He seems nice but he’s a little too smooth and I fear he’s going to break her heart. I feel this experience and the distance from Cal are good for Luna to grow though I do hope she doesn’t completely cut him off. What happened isn’t his fault.

  5. thenay83 says:

    Luna should just be herself instead of trying to be something that she’s not. Poor Nyx, such a grump but she doesn’t realize who she and Luna are alike with them both losing their father at a young age.

  6. but but but what about cal! lol, i knew this would happen, Luna would go away and have a summer fling with the barn boy, only thing is i pictured the barn boy to be less of an arse :3

    she really needs the confidence boost from her first date lets just hope it’s a rememberable first date for the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

    I do feel a little sorry for Cal but i knew their friendship would go south maybe one day in the future when they are old and grey they can be close friends again and look back on the kiss and laugh 🙂

    • FruHurricane says:

      Cal isn’t gone yet! 🙂 I’m working on the chapter with the date and it should be done fairly soon. I just need to build a set for it. Lol, way to be me and make it hard for myself! 😀

  7. jonso says:

    Awwwww I wish there was a love button!! I’m late reading this chapter, but it almost made me well up with happiness to see Luna have some success and feel better about herself. I wonder if Brick is intuitive enough to know that Luna is not showing her “real” self… but I think he is. I think he is trying to build her up and for some reason he liked her right away, enough to want to bring out the real Luna again. I miss her brown hair and cute jumper suit. 🙂

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