Gen 3: Ivory – Chapter 1

The six months were soon coming to it’s end and while it scared me at times I felt pretty sure they would let me stay at others. I had been playing the role as the perfect daughter well and I don’t think they ever suspected anything.

Dad seemed to think that I was sitting sweet and innocent at the computer in my room and I was happy to let him think that. At first it surprised me how easy it had been, if I only made sure to help them out with the kids or the household work they would leave me alone during the evenings. Free to dive deeper in to the secret world of Graham.

Graham_xxx: Do you know if they will let you stay yet?
Ivygirl_6: I haven’t asked yet. But I’m quite sure they will. I’m the good daughter.
Graham_xxx: Doesn’t sound like the Ivy I know…
Ivygirl_6: I think you know the right one. 😉
Graham_xxx: And I’m dying to see her.
Ivygirl_6: *giggle*
Ivygirl_6: But for real, do you think I will have a chance in the acting business?
Graham_xxx: You’re pretty, you’re determined and you have been acting for nearly 6 months. I’m quite sure.
Graham_xxx: My boss asked for some new pictures of you btw.
Ivygirl_6: Same type as always?
Graham_xxx: You got it! 🙂
Ivygirl_6: I’ll get to it, talk to you tomorrow again. Need to get to sleep before it gets too late, don’t want the folks to worry. Xxxx
Graham_xxx: Sweet dreams my little butterfly. Xxxx

I looked at the screen before logging off and felt a smile grow in my face. “My little butterfly”. He had just recently begun calling me that and I liked it. In fact, I liked it a lot.

Graham had been nothing but kind to me since the day we first started chatting. It had started just a few months after I had left dad’s place the second time, when I created an account at SimCast and logged in to the general chat.

Ivygirl_6: If I want to be an actor. Where do I start?

No one had replied in the general chat, but I soon got an invitation to a private chat with a certain Graham_xxx. He had asked me a couple of questions about myself, such as my age, my looks and my favourite type of movies. I answered them as detailed as I could and agreed to send a picture of myself over. You see, Graham is working as a talent scout for actors over at Simla Pictures and he promised to help me promote myself. I knew quite instantly that this was a chance I couldn’t afford to miss.

Simla Pictures, one of the biggest film companies around, quite the coincidence that it’s stationed in Sunset Valley I guess. But it made the decision to leave mom and France even easier. I enjoyed spending time with dad and I was sure that the path for my future laid within the acting. When I first tried it it had been like coming home, everything had felt so natural. Of course, acting in school plays is not exactly the best experience when you apply for a job but there’s not much else to do in Champs when it comes to acting.

So why didn’t I tell dad about my dreams you might wonder? Well, perhaps he could have helped me out, seeing as he has some very interesting friends. But if I were to become something, I wanted to do it by myself. And besides, I really wanted to meet Graham.

It had started pure professional: me taking pictures of myself in all kinds of environments, me acting in front of the webcam, me answering questions as though it had been an interview and so on. It didn’t take many weeks until I realized Graham wasn’t only interested in me in a professional way though. He had soon called upon a flirty side of himself and flattered me with compliments about one thing after another. For a girl like me, with no romantic experiences what so ever, that was very thrilling and I soon found myself answering in the same ways.

Graham_xxx: When are you coming to see me then? My boss also is also interested in meeting you. Mostly me though. 😉

He dropped that question the same day as mom’s new, big exhibition would start and I saw no reason to stay. I needed to see him, for more than one reason.

Yes, I had started falling for Graham back then already, a guy that was 15 years older than me and whom I had only ever seen at a picture once, and never even had heard the voice of. I was falling hard.

I’m sure you can see why it was such a relief when dad gave me a positive answer to wether I could stay with them for a while or not. That meant I could A) See Graham some time soon and B) Practice my acting skills in the role as the perfect daughter.

But oh ye, those 6 months was, as already stated, soon over and I really needed to get started in the acting carees sometime soon. If I had a job here they would never be able to say no, not that I thought they would anyway as I was quite the help around the house while playing this role. I’m pretty sure I made them feel as though they needed me. Just according to plans. I also needed to see Graham, since I had come here we had chatted more and more, but never taken the time to actually meet up. And now it was about time!

The next day I made sure to send some new pictures over to Graham. I really enjoyed taking them and posing in my underwear had started to become quite natural. Every time I sent a new picture Graham would flatter me with complimants about me and my looks. My self-confidence had grown a lot thanks to that. You may think it was weird that I needed to be so undressed, I certainly thought so at first as but Graham explained that they needed to know my entire look. In most movies you will need to get partly undressed at some point so you could just as well be ready for that from the start.

I was lucky that I had got that advice this early on, it meant I would have less to worry about when I was finally about to hit the spotlights.

“Ivory, can you help me set the table please?” Dad’s voice pierced through the door and the fear of him seeing me posing in my underwear suddenly appeared.

“Ok, I’ll be down in just a second!” My heart was rushing as I tried my best to sound all cool and relaxed. They can’t see me like this!

It had been close, but so far it hadn’t happened even once that they had walked in to my room while the door was shut. I hoped it would stay that way, it sure made everything more convenient but one can never be sure.

I quickly put my clothes on and made my down the stairs to help him with the dinner, once again putting on the mask of the perfect daughter. It was really entertaining to be honest even though I sometimes felt more like screaming out loud. My younger siblings weren’t always the funniest thing, but in dad and Celise’s eyes I wanted it to look like that. As if I adored them all.

We enjoyed our dinner in the same boring way as usual, which was Ava blabbering about her two supercool friends at school who really seemed to adore her, Aaric sighing at the sound of her and dad and Celise encouraging them both to share their school day histories. I was always remaining silent with a few interruptions to Ava and Aaric – trying to make it sound as though I cared wether Sonya had imitated Ava by buying that t-shirt or not. Interesting.

“So, Ivory… Those six months are nearly over.” Celise suddenly spoke and made my wandering mind regain it’s focus.

“Ye, unfortunately. Have you guys thought anything about what will happen after that?” I carefully asked and hoped by every inch of my body that my excitement and nervousity didn’t shine through.

“What do you want?” Dad turned to me.

“Oh, I really like it here, I’d rather not go back to France. If that’s okay with you? I feel like I’m much more alive here, no need to worry about getting in a fight with mom and the kids in school are both cooler and friendlier. I haven’t heard a single mocking word, even though my accent is so weird here.” It was nice to not have to wrap every single word in a lie for once and in that answer I meant every single word. I would rather die than go back to France.

“Ivy stay, pweeas?” Little Angel looked at dad with big, innocent eyes and I cheered inside, there was no way dad would be able to resist that. I knew he was weak for Angel because of the fact that she was constantly on her own. I’m not sure what had made her let me get so close to her but for some reason I had come through her shell and she seemed to value me as a family member and friend.

“We will see Angel. And Ivory. We will of course need to discuss it with Cora as well. There’s still a couple of weeks to go anyway.”

I nodded to myself. There was indeed and I had a date with Graham planned the next weekend already.


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11 Responses to Gen 3: Ivory – Chapter 1

  1. Quan-Kun says:

    Oh my… This is getting interesting. 🙂

  2. Speechless says:

    Oh ho, this is not looking good…that Graham sure sounds very dodgy.

  3. callierose says:

    Oh my god, I love the way you’re going with this storyline!! I can’t believe she thinks posing in her underwear for strangers is okay O_O Not trusting Graham AT ALL x

  4. Angiebeno18 says:

    Wow great idea for a storyline and well executed too – i look forward to more.

  5. MissCee says:

    Chat line dangers is a great storyline taken from true life. Too many naive pre-teens/teens fall into this trap everyday. I hope Ivy smarts up before she has something to regret and her family suffers. To love others, and to be loved is our anchor in stormy seas.

  6. seaweedy says:

    I am also very intrigued by this plotline. I am very concerned for Ivory’s safety.

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  8. Meee says:

    Graham sounds like a peddobear. 😦

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