Gen 2: Chuck – Chapter 3

Since I had run away from home there had been a small problem. My only plan had been to look out for Celise and see what would happen with us or ask her for any advice. Even though I didn’t exactly know her I knew she would understand. But the problem was; I had no idea where I would find her. I had been drifting around in town for almost a week without seeing her a single time.

I thought, if she was as similar to me as it seemed she would naturally hang out at the same places as I did, but so far I had been wrong. I had to handle in a different way from now. The homeless days had been quite rough, I thought it would be easy to stroll along, sleep in a park, maybe at a friend’s place or just anywhere I could find. I had forgotten though that nights are awfully cold here and my only friend was Chase, who had left and now hated me. So much for places to sleep, huh?

The first nights had been the hardest, after that I realized you could keep the warm up longer by simply putting the coat underneath you on the bench and make sure to only sleep just as much as you really needed. I used the local gym for showers and toilets and once I had that figured out life wasn’t too bad. Sure, it wasn’t as comfy as at mom’s and dad’s place but at least I didn’t have to stand their complains this way.

And, I had lots of chances to practice my guitar skills and really focus on work while I wasn’t looking for Celise. Things could have been worse.

It had been exactly 9 days and 3 hours since I left home when I finally saw her standing outside the theatre, playing her guitar. She looked so confident, so cool, so hot and right down sexy. I was filled with so much warmth by just looking at her. No one else seemed to notice her though, which made me sad because her music was truly amazing. She was such a talented musician, even I couldn’t keep up with that and I do consider myself to be a quite talented musician.

I stepped a bit closer but I tried not to be seen by her or disturb while she was playing, instead I sat down on a bench close to her and just let her music consume me. It was so brilliant, I had never heard anything like it before. This had to be something she had written her self. I closed my eyes while listening, even though it meant I didn’t get to see her, my beautiful angel. But I thought to myself that there would be time for both music and talk, right now I just wanted to listen to this amazing tunes she played.

Suddenly the music stopped and it happened so quick that my eyes shot up wide open. To my big surprise she was standing right before me, I hadn’t heard her coming closer but obviously she must have moved while playing. I blushed while staring in to her purple eyes and let out a shy smile.

“Are you stalking me?” she asked with an irritated tone.

“Stalking?” I answered surprised. It had been 9 days and 3 hours since I left home to look for her, but this was the first time I had seen her. Is that stalking?

“Don’t you think how I’ve seen you sneaking around, always keeping your eyes open? It’s quite embarrassing if you think making out that one night means I wanna, like, marry you. Gosh.”

“Hey, no one said anything about marriage. But you’re right, I’ve been looking for you. I need to get to know you, in some way. I’m not a creepy guy dreaming of you to give me six kids and cook me dinner each night. It’s not like that.”

I could see that those words caught her attention and it seemed like she had lowered her guard some. I guessed this might be the only chance I got so I hurried to ask: “Coffee?”

She hesitated for a second before answering my invitation with the words: “I can give you 30 minutes.” And with that she started walking towards the café on the other side of the road and I hurried after her.

We sat down with our cups and at first I didn’t know what to actually say to her now that she was just in front of me but after a little while I decided to start from where we had said goodbye. I told her about how I dumped Cora, how Chase had left home, how mom and dad had started hating me and then how I had lived homeless since then. She sat quiet during the entire time and I had kept staring down in the table as i spoke. First when I considered my story as complete I looked back up on her and I realized my eyes were filled with tears. I hadn’t realized just how tough this had been until now.

“Touching story, but time’s up.”

I swear, that was all that she said before walking away. I wanted to disappear from earth right there, maybe sink through the ground and never come back. What an idiot I was.

That evening I did the only thing I could do to keep my mind focused and not dwelling about my idiotic self: I played the guitar, wrote some songs about the grey days of life. I know they say that you will never write as good music as when you are feeling down. Well, I don’t think I would get a “better” chance at writing good music then.

After a couple of hours sleep I woke up over at the abandoned beach. Great, another day in my amazing life. Luckily I did at least have a job where I was happy, working with music was probably the only thing I could stand right now and I needed to do something or I would go insane.

When I finished work I headed over to the grossery store again with a small hope that Celise would be there, but of course she wasn’t. Instead I started playing my newly written songs to whoever wanted to listen or happened to pass by. It’s quite amazing how music can make your feelings both vanish and get stronger at the same time. They drift from your body, out to your instrument and comes out as tunes. You really can’t play good music if you don’t feel it. The more I realized this, the more I forgot about everything around while playing. It was as if I was all alone with my guitar, not in the middle of town.

I’m not sure for how long she had played along, but I suddenly realized Celise was standing next to me, playing the same songs as me. My personal written songs, how was it even possible? I looked at her quickly and smiled and saw her smiling back.


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10 Responses to Gen 2: Chuck – Chapter 3

  1. callierose says:

    Aw – she knows his songs! ❤ cuteee

  2. Vampirehuntress says:

    That a good update

  3. angiebeno18 says:

    It’s nice to see Chuck so vulnerable, great chapter 😉

  4. seaweedy says:

    I didn’t think he had a chance after their coffee date but I am glad Celise has come around.

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  6. Quan-Kun says:

    Great chapter! I was worried for Chuck after she left him after the 30 minutes were up. It’s cute how she knows his songs, can’t wait to read the next!

  7. Nicarra60 says:

    Hmm, Cerise is being difficult but what can he expect?

  8. yimiki says:

    Aw, that was actually quite sweet, playing the same song along with him. Maybe they do fit together well, after all.

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