Welcome to The Lord legacy. From the start, I intended to play by Pinstars original rules with the only change that I allow CAS sims to be a part of the family. And, with the addition of the Storytelling optional rule. However, as the story progressed it grew on me and from generatio 3 (or somewhere in the second generation) I realized it was the storytelling, rather that the gameplay that interested me the most. Today I don’t follow any particular rules, instead I focus on the story behind the characters.

Click here to start reading from the start. Although, I would suggest you start reading at Generation 3 if you want to read the story as a true story, because that is when I really start focusing on telling it. And from that generation it just gets better and better. ūüėČ

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Extra: Jordan’s University Experience (Part 3)

Screenshot-526Jordan and Cid did go bowling later that night. The bowling alley was pumping out some disco music and the bass was so loud that you could feel your heart beat in rythm of the music. In the celing neon colored lights rotated, creating disce feeling to the whole place. Jordan looked around and smiled but was still feeling a bit shy and nervous because she had never tried bowling before.

Cid just frowned upon the music and the atmosphere and wondered to himself why he had suggested this in the first place. He enjoyed the company of Jordan, that much was clear, but he detested the sims who usually went to this kind of places. And he especially disliked this kind of places. Luckily for him, but unluckily for Jordan, the bowling alley was rather empty this evening.

Jordan didn’t mind and the mere sight of the lanes and the pins made her heart skip a beat. She smiled.

Screenshot-528She took a small step forward and tried to release the ball on to the lane but her fingers seemed stuck in the small holes in the ball and Jordan’s entire body followed the ball and landed with a thud on the lane. Only then was she able to let go of the ball and she laid on the lane, elbows aching from the fall, and watched the ball slowly rolling towards the pins. She knocked down a few of them and despite the embarrassing fall she smiled.

Cid suppressed a smile and asked her if she was okay and Jordan instantly jumped up and nodded eagerly as a response. She was very much okay and this was already the most fun she had had in a long time.

Screenshot-529“Okay, my turn” Cid said when Jordan had thrown her second ball, this time without falling. Jordan took a step back and watched Cid as he¬†confidently¬†strode up and released the ball with ease. It seemed to go perfectly straight but just before the pins it turned slightly to the left and two lonely pins remained wobbling in the further end.

Cid was happy with himself, he hadn’t bowled much before and for some reason he wanted to impress Jordan. It was a good thing he hadn’t fallen himself.

Screenshot-532 Screenshot-531Jordan went up for her next try. “How do I do?” she wondered and Cid did his best to come up with some kind of help. Not that he knew whether the things he said made any actual sense because he did not know how to bowl well, but because he figured that Jordan needed something, rather than him saying he didn’t know.

And it did help Jordan. Just getting some advice boosted her confidence and she smiled when she released the ball. Cid stood behind and couldn’t help but to look at Jordan’s cute little butt. He didn’t usually check out girls’ behinds but he just couldn’t help himself now. It was so incredibly cute in those little shorts.

Screenshot-533“YES!” Jordan screamed and jumped high up in the air. One would have thought she beat the lane record if you heard her, but she simply knocked seven pins down. She was proud of herself. Not just because of the bowling but because she was having fun – with another person. She started to realize that it didn’t matter too much if he had blue or brown hair – the important part was that he made her feel good about herself and have fun. And Cid did.

Screenshot-530Of course, Cid did not know that Jordan had these thoughts and the entire evening he wondered why she never left his side to go speak to any of the jocks at the place. He had done everything he could to help her get close to their kind and Jordan just kept ignoring it. It never crossed his mind that maybe she was happy in his company, because even if he enjoyed hers – they were so different. They weren’t meant to be friends.

She was one of them.

Screenshot-534When she¬†pedaled¬†home that night, Jordan felt truly happy. For one night she had forgot everything about the stupid scar and actually enjoyed herself. She realized that Cid was perhaps the best room-mate she could have possibly got because he didn’t care about her scar or her past, he was relaxed and straight-forward and funny. She giggled for herself when she realized that she liked him and wanted him to be her friend. Who would have ever guessed her first friend on University would be some guy with blue hair who collected old road signs?

Screenshot-552No matter how weird it was, it became a fact that Jordan and Cid were friends. They didn’t always spend time together and when they didn’t, Jordan was mostly on her own. She didn’t mind though, because she knew Cid would be there to talk to in the end of the day. And she was still shy around the rest of his friends because they still looked at her scar in a way that made her feel uneasy. In a way that Cid never did because the scar was really no big deal to him.

Screenshot-551And Cid was still trying to understand why Jordan never approached anyone else, why she was so determined to be on her own all the time. He did understand that he had managed to break through some kind of shell with her because she often smiled and laughed when they talked. But she was still so quiet and insecure whenever she was on her own or out among other people. He wished there was something else he could do, but he didn’t know what.

And truth was, in Jordan’s eyes, she didn’t need any more help or rescue. She was fine with how it was. She knew she would never get her own life back and with the friendship of Cid, she started to accept that. She was a different Jordan now, and perhaps that wasn’t too bad.

Screenshot-717When she wasn’t spending time with Cid, Jordan kept working on improving her drawing skills. She had a secret dream. Even if she would never again be comfortable (or pretty) enough to stand in front of a camera, she still wanted to work with fashion. She knew it was something she was good at, even if her life had to change. That was why she had signed up for arts in the first place. With a good sketching technique she would eventually be good enough to design her own clothes, or at least come up with ideas for outfits for other people.

Maybe it was stupid to still dream about a future centered with looks, but that was what she wanted. And the scar couldn’t change everything, could it?

Screenshot-718Her teacher only seemed modestly impressed with anything Jordan did. She said it was “too main-stream”, “not bold enough”, or that Jordan needed to “challenge herself”.

Jordan didn’t know what she did wrong, but she tried drawing new things but was always met with the same response. It was too boring.

Every assignment they got Jordan tried to come up with a new bold idea and even when she felt happy about it herself, it wasn’t bold enough for the art teacher. Jordan wasn’t used to think outside the box in the way her art teacher demanded and she was really struggling.

Screenshot-537“Oh, you have Mrs. Noetal, don’t you?” Cid asked when Jordan shared her shortcomings with him. She nodded. “She’s a bitch” Cid said and remembered how his classmates had struggled when he was enrolled in art. He never had that problem because he had always thought outside the box, and usually had trouble keeping himself within it instead.

“Don’t worry” he said and placed a hand on Jordan’s shoulder. “I have an idea. Grab your sketchbook and I’ll prepare a model for you.”

Jordan nodded and ran out of the room to get her sketchbook and prepare herself. She was so grateful for befriending Cid – and realized that it was probably one of the best things she had ever done.

Screenshot-540She had not expected to come back in to the room and find Cid completely naked, with a huge grin on his face. Jordan looked away and blushed. “What are you…” she stammered and felt ashamed of the whole situation.

“Oh, I know Mrs. Noetal” Cid grinned. “She’ll love this!”

Jordan shook her head and didn’t dare to look at her friend too much.

Screenshot-538“Oh come on Jordy” Cid teased and grinned again. He was not the slightest embarrassed himself and found it a bit funny how much Jordan blushed. “It’s just art. Just draw already.”

It took Jordan lots of time to become relaxed enough to actually be able to draw properly but once she managed to think beyond the fact that it was her friend that was naked – and that it was socially awkward – it went alright.

Screenshot-541She perfected every single line and focused on getting the proportions right. She had never draw nude people before and it was a lot harder than one would think. In fact, this was the complete opposite to what she was used to draw. She usually drew clothes Рthe thing people used to hide their nudity. And now, Cid stood before her without as much as a thread on his body.

Screenshot-542Screenshot-543When she was finished she stood up and showed the sketch to Cid. She was very nervous about his reaction and she didn’t know that Cid was used to model in the nude. He had been doing that ever since his first term at University just for the extra cash. He didn’t think too much about it – it was just a body after all.

When he noticed Jordan’s insecurity he couldn’t help but to play her a trick, though, and he pretended to be furious. “God’s sake Jordan! What is that?”

Jordan stammered a bit and took a small step backwards and lowered the sketch. “I, I…”

She could never finish what she meant to say because a huge grin spread on Cid’s face again and he took a step closer to her. “It’s a lot bigger than that” he laughed and Jordan hit him over the head with her sketchbook. He was such a lunatic.

Screenshot-536Cid was right. Mrs. Noetal loved the assignment and Jordan had earned her first really good review because of it. She couldn’t help but to find it funny. Perhaps Mrs. Noetal had a weak spot for Cid. It wouldn’t be too surprising, seeing as she always searched for the bold ideas outside the box. Cid was certainly bold and outside the box.

He wasn’t like anyone Jordan knew.

Screenshot-553The friendship between Jordan and Cid kept growing and even though they had very little in common they enjoyed each others company. To Jordan, Cid was someone she could feel relaxed with. There was no need to put on a show and she found herself relaxing more in his company than she had since she and her twin sisters were still young and played in the sprinklers of their backyard together. Cid seemed to like her for who she really was, and not for the person she looked like.

And Cid, he learned that sometimes a person isn’t what you first think they will be.

Screenshot-555The relation was a lot more important to Jordan than it was to Cid because right now he was all that she had. It wasn’t easy coming out of your old pattern and start hanging out with new kinds of people in new ways. At least, it shouldn’t be. But it was, with Cid.

Screenshot-556He had even introduced her to some of his other friends. Jokingly, they called themselves the Rebels but it was mostly because that was how others looked at them. They didn’t fit the social standards and kept experimenting with herbs and looks and just didn’t care what others thought of them. They were so far from what Jordan had always been that she instantly liked them just because of that fact.

Screenshot-560They did teach her quite a few new things, too. Not that Jordan understood what good it would do to know that different herbs caused the fires to sparkle in different colors. It looked nice, though.

Screenshot-556Cid, who still didn’t believe that Jordan was completely happy in his company and that she was still searching for something else, kept trying to make a way for his friend in to the jock community. It wasn’t that he wanted to get rid of her or anything, he just wanted her to be where she belonged and be happy. He knew she wasn’t a rebel – even though anyone could fit in their little group. As long as they wanted to. And he was quite sure Jordan didn’t want to fit with them.

Several years of University had earned Cid a few friends even in other social groups and he had pulled whatever strings he could to prepare a way for Jordan.

Screenshot-557Screenshot-558When Jordan got a text from Danny, who was a very good-looking jock, asking her out she cried out loud. She was happy with the rebels, but going out with a jock was like a dream coming true. It was like her old life, before the scar, coming back to her.

The whole night she kept talking about what to wear and how to keep her hair, not even noticing that the rebels didn’t care. Looks was not important to them, and the fact that some people focused so much on it made them laugh. To them, the insides of a person was a lot more important and while Jordan kept talking they just shook their heads.

Cid thought that Jordan was being silly, too. He knew she was like that, he had known from the start. But over the course of their friendship evolving she had started to loosen up and care less. To him that was a good thing and he didn’t know what to think about her sudden fallback.

Screenshot-545One date.

That was all it had been. And honestly, Jordan wasn’t sure if it could even count as a date. Danny had talked about himself the entire time and when he finally stopped talking about himself it was simply to state that her scar was unfortunate. Unfortunate?!¬†Jordan knew that it was, she was the one living with it after all.

She had felt rather down afterwards. It was simply proof that she would never again be her former self. Cid tried to cheer her up, he tried to tell her that beauty wasn’t just about looks and that she was beautiful and that the scar made her beautiful and unique and that she should look more for a person’s inner beauty.

Screenshot-544Cid even tried to get her to focus her attention on the upcoming exam but Jordan felt much too sorry for herself to care about it.

Once she had tried her best at writing the exam she regretted this though as she had failed with a capital F. It was safe to say that her university experience hadn’t turned out like she had hoped for.

Screenshot-546“How did it go?” Cid wondered carefully, knowing that his friend was fragile right now. It surprised him, because he could rarely sense how other people were feeling and if he did he usually didn’t care enough to adapt the way he spoke.

“I failed it” Jordan said and shrugged. The initial embarrassment had worn off by now and she just didn’t care. As long as she got her points in the end it was all good.

“There is one thing I like to do whenever I failed an exam” Cid responded. “And I’ve failed many.”

Screenshot-548He then slid his arms around Jordan’s neck and pulled her in to kiss her. Jordan was surprised and her initial reaction was to push him away but when his soft lips met hers she relaxed. It felt good, she thought, and returned the kiss.

The two later took it up to the room, where Jordan’s double bed got to play a major part. Jordan was surprised herself, this wasn’t like her. And it certainly wasn’t how she had imagined it would be to lose her virginity. But it felt right.

Screenshot-549When the final score of the term came in and Jordan realized she had failed the entire class she didn’t feel as sad as she should have. The last few days she had realized that University was a lot more than the classes you took. It was about the friends you made, about the fun you had and the memories you made.

And what she would miss once she went home wasn’t the classes, it was the memories she had of Cid. Everything he had done for her.

Screenshot-720Screenshot-721The last night before Jordan would leave to go home, she and Cid challenged each other. Whoever won their round of paper-rock-scissors would get to color the hair of the other one, in whatever color they thought fitting.

Screenshot-722 Screenshot-723“Godzilla beats everything!” Cid screamed and made a growling sound. Jordan should have known that Cid always plays the Godzilla card.

“No way” she complained. “That’s not fair when there’s so much at stake!”

“Sorry hun, Godzilla beats everything. You know it’s true.”

Screenshot-724He followed her in to the bathroom, carefully hiding the hair dye behind his back. He could not wait to see his friend in the finished result. When they got in to the bathroom Jordan took a long last look at herself in the mirror before turning towards Cid, “Come on, let’s play nice and fair. No Godzilla?”

Cid shook his head and grinned. And to be honest, Jordan didn’t care too much. She found it rather exciting to have her hair colored by Cid.

Screenshot-725 Screenshot-726“It’s… Pink!” she said out loud once they were done and she was allowed to look at herself. Cid just grinned behind her back. To him, this was the most fun he had had during the entire term. He could have never guessed that the uptight girl who walked in to his room by the beginning of the summer would walk out of there with pink hair.

She looked a lot better in pink to him.

Screenshot-727 Screenshot-728“Do you think I look good in pink?” Jordan asked and winked. Cid pulled her in to his arms and kissed her on the forehead.

“If you look good? You look downright sexy, that’s what you do” he replied and Jordan returned the kiss. She liked kissing him. His lips were soft and his breath always smelled of some herb he had used to spice up his food. Cinnamon, this time.

Screenshot-731“I’m going to miss this view” Cid said and inspected Jordan’s butt as she bent down to fold the bed. Jordan started laughing and dropped the bed on her feet. He was such a crazy and weird man.

Screenshot-732 Screenshot-733It was hard for Jordan to pack her things and tidy her part of the room. She kind of regretted not signing up for more terms straight off as it was tough to accept the fact of someone else coming here, to stay in her room. With Cid. She would miss it.

The dumpster, as she had initially thought if it, has become her home during the past months and the weird guy with the blue hair had become her friend and lover. She didn’t know how it would be possible to leave it behind and go home.

Screenshot-730 Screenshot-729“One last picture” Jordan said and kissed Cid on the cheek with her eyes closed. Of course, Cid could not just look normal and so he stuck his tongue out and acted like the lunatic he was. Jordan smiled when she saw the picture. It was perfect.

She waved her friend goodbye and walked down to the car that would take her back home to Appleloosa Plains. Tears stung in her eyes, she wanted nothing else but run back up the stairs and throw herself in Cid’s arms. After all, that was where home was now. She belonged with Cid.

She didn’t turn back though, and Cid didn’t go after him even if he also felt empty after she had left. That was the life of a University student. Friends came and friends went. Some kept in contact and some faded to faint memories. Only time would tell what would happen to him and Jordan – but he hoped that she would be one of the keepers.

Okay, that’s everything of Jordan’s story for now. I will get back to Kevin now. Sorry for keeping you waiting. ūüė¶

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Extra: Jordan’s University Experience (Part 2)

Screenshot-395 Screenshot-394Jordan wakes up for her first morning on University with a pounding headache and nausea. She knows it is a result of the previous night’s partying and that she has no-one but herself to blame. Yet, she feels sorry for herself – the headache is just that bad.

She tries to sit up but it feels like she will be sick from the effort and quickly lies down again. Even though she is feeling quite under the weather she notices that Cid’s bed is neatly made and she assumes that he spent the night some place different.

She spends the whole day in bed, dreading the moment when Cid will come back and see her. She both feels and looks awful. But Cid never gets back that day.

Screenshot-376Screenshot-378The next day Jordan is feeling a lot better and she wakes up early and gets up easily because she is excited for her first day with classes.

Cid never got back yesterday and he hasn’t slept in his bed this night either. Jordan does not want to think much about it and yet she hesitates at the door and glances back at his bed. She wonders if it was something she said that’s keeping him away. She did not mean to make enemies.

Screenshot-380Right before leaving the dorm Jordan remembers herself saying that she wasn’t Cid’s friend. It’s true, but from the vague memories he only tried to care for her. She pushed him away because he has blue hair and because he does not look like someone she would want to be friends with. There is a small bit of regret in her thoughts but she pushes it away and remains determined to make friends with the more pretty and popular ones. From what she has understood, Cid does not belong to that group.

She stands thinking this before leaving and it prevents her from leaving when she should and once she snaps out of her thoughts she realizes she is almost late and she has to run for her first class. She does not want to be late.

Screenshot-381Screenshot-382The first class was easy enough as it was mostly an introduction for what’s to come. Jordan is still excited when she steps outdoors after class and she feels remarkably happy about her choice of degree.

Any thought she previously had about Cid is now vanished.

Screenshot-384Screenshot-385After the first class she feels confused and lonely. She has no friends to hang out with between classes yet and she can barely find her way around campus. At least not well enough to go explore in the two-hour gap before the next class. After all, she does not want to get lost on her first day.

Outside a few other students are sitting on the grass studying and when Jordan sees this she decides to sit down with her sketchbook as well. She thinks that the students sitting there looks busy rather than lonely, even if they are by themselves and that looks a lot better than standing alone and confused.

Screenshot-386 Screenshot-387Sketching is something that can really take Jordan’s focus and while she is sitting outside the lecture hall, drawing whatever comes to her mind she does not hear the other students walking by.

Clarissa has to clear her throat twice and speak three times before Jordan looks at her. If you saw it happen, you would think that Jordan was ignoring the cheerleader, but if you knew Jordan you would know that she would never do such a thing. When she does realize Clarissa is speaking to her, she smiles her prettiest smile but when Clarissa snarls “Scarface” the smile fades and Jordan feels incredibly hurt.

Screenshot-401 Screenshot-403 Screenshot-402Jordan feels a bit discouraged when she goes to her next lecture class. She had really hoped to make friends with Clarissa but it had become quite clear that Clarissa would not want something of the kind. Jordan tried to focus her attention on the teacher who was explaining how to see the dimensions when drawing animals. It was basic, maybe too basic – judging by the amount of students who had fallen asleep at their benches. Jordan wondered if the teacher didn’t notice them or if she just ignored it.

Screenshot-404After the last class of the day Jordan headed down to the coffee shop on campus, hoping to make some friends there. She did not enjoy being alone, without even one friend. It was certainly not something she was used to, growing up with a twin sister.

Screenshot-405A few students danced and laughed together and Jordan glanced over at them, hoping that one of them would notice her and ask her to join them. It didn’t happen and she couldn’t get herself to ask if she could join them.

She blamed the scar as per usual, even though the scar in reality had very little to do with her insecurity. It did play a minor part, but all in all it was the experience of being alone at a new place with new people without a single sanctuary that caused her insecurity.

Screenshot-406She sat down outside the coffee shop and finished her mocha latte. It tasted really good and for the first time outside of class today, Jordan actually enjoyed herself. The coffee shop was a neat place and Jordan promised herself to go back often.

Screenshot-412When she got back to the dorm she decided to cook some dinner for herself. She noticed that someone followed her in to the kitchen but she didn’t look back to see who it was, and as such she didn’t realize it was Cid. Had she done so she would have thought that he had suddenly came back from the dead, but now she didn’t.

Cid was still confused about Jordan Lord. He knew she was most likely a person he wouldn’t want to make friends with as she seemed rather hollow – much like the jocks he despised so much. Still, he felt protective about her and there was something that made him feel drawn to her. And to him, the scar in Jordan’s face was the most beautiful thing about her.

Screenshot-413Jordan didn’t notice him until she turned around from the fridge and by then she thought it was too late to say anything else than a simple “Hello”. She wanted to ask him where he had been and why he hadn’t been sleeping in their room, but she knew it was really none of her business.

Cid, who was also wanting to ask Jordan several questions, also felt like they had been off to a weird start and tried to stay out of her way instead of pursuing her even more. Once he had taken a salad from the fridge he sat down at a different table than Jordan. They ate their dinner in an awkward silence.

Jordan wondered if maybe he was ignoring her.

Screenshot-396Between the classes the next day Jordan sat down outside and doodled a bit in her sketchbook when Cid once again crossed her mind. He had been sleeping in their room that night but he hadn’t said a word to her and she was getting more sure of the fact that he was ignoring her.

Screenshot-397Just a few moments later he came running past her. Jordan saw him in the corner of her eye but he didn’t even look at her. He seemed to be in a real hurry and Jordan just shook her head in confusion. She couldn’t understand why she even cared about him. He was such a weird guy.

Screenshot-398Cid did actually notice Jordan sitting on the grass field all by herself and he felt a bit sorry for her. It had been three days and she still hadn’t gained a single friend. He knew from experience that if that didn’t change very soon, she would have a very lonesome experience at University. But what could he do when she ignored his every try to make contact? He needed to stop caring about her, really. She was a grown-up girl after all and she should be able to care for herself.

But he couldn’t shake the feeling that she was too vulnerable to be left on her own.

Screenshot-410Cid finds Jordan all alone in the study room of the dorm later that night and even though he has promised himself to stay out of her way he enters the room and approaches her. “You’re not that good at making friends, are you?” he asks. As usual, he doesn’t realize that the question is far too blunt for someone you barely know and when Jordan frowns he cannot understand what he has done wrong.

Screenshot-411“What do you mean” Jordan asks annoyed. She can’t believe she actually worried that he was ignoring her just a few hours ago. She thinks to herself that ignorance would be far better than the blunt and straight-forward way he talks to her now. She never did anything to upset him so why is he so determined to make her feel bad? First the question about the scar and now this.

Screenshot-408“Well, you are here all by yourself and you don’t even seem to study and if you wanted to make friends you wouldn’t just keep to yourself, would you? Friends don’t just magically fall from the sky” Cid explains, not knowing that Jordan’s question was actually more a way of saying ‘Leave me alone’ than an actual question.

He feels more and more intrigued about her because she is so far from the usual jock girl he has ever had any contact with, and yet a jock is what she is at heart. Not that such a thing couldn’t change though. Cid knows this far too well. He has lost and gained numerous friends due to them changing social groups during his time at University. And, he remembers himself, Jordan is yet only a jock at heart and not an actual member of their little shallow group yet. He is certain that there are more brains behind this girl’s appearance.

Cid does not realize that himself is rather focused on looks and that Jordan’s scar is what really makes him think there is more to her and that it is also what keeps pulling him towards her even if he would rather keep a safe distance.

Screenshot-409“I don’t know why I do this” Cid mutters to himself and Jordan just keeps staring at him, wishing he would just leave her alone. “I’ll help you” Cid says and smiles.

“With what?” Jordan spits. She does not want his help. She does not want to be seen with him because she is fairly certain that will destroy any reputation she would ever hope to gain.

“You want to get with the jocks, right?” Cid asks and scratches the back of his head. He does not know why he does this, why he keeps in insisting to socialize with the jocks simply for Jordan’s sake. “I’ll take you bowling, tonight. There’s always a bunch of them there and I will let you socialize with them as you please.”

“And why would you do that?” Jordan wonders. “What do you get of it?”

“Nothing” Cid replies. He thinks that is the truth because he is still oblivious to the fact that he wants to hang out with Jordan. Not because he wants to guard her and keep her safe, but because he is intrigued with her and wants to get under her shell. He wants to get to know her, and possibly be friends with her.

Oh, I changed some of Cid’s traits by the way because they didn’t fit with the image I had of him. I don’t remember his initial traits but now he is at least Inappropriate, Hot-Headed, Social Butterfly. And I can’t remember the rest. ^^

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Extra: Jordan’s University Experience (Part 1)

I decided to use Jordan as my test-sim for University. This little update both is and is not a part of the current storyline. As such, you can read this without knowing much else about this legacy. It’ll be several parts but I’m not sure how many yet.

Screenshot-325 Screenshot-326 Screenshot-327 Screenshot-328Jordan Lord was standing outside and the September night was feeling more chilly than commonly. Maybe it was just the fact that she was taking the aptitude test for University that sent chills through her body and not that it was actually very cold outside.

She didn’t know what she wanted to study but the aptitude test suggested Art and since Jordan had always enjoyed painting and drawing she decided that would be a good start.

Screenshot-333 Screenshot-334She was nervous when she ran for her pick-up. But also excited.

Screenshot-337Jordan arrives at Uni and is feeling rather nervous about the whole thing. Ever since she got the scar she’s been a bit shy when it comes to strangers. She’s just scared they will judge her because of it. And now, new place, new people and nothing familiar what-so-ever.

Screenshot-379Jordan is supposed to share room with another student. When she walks through the doors to that very room she is not very pleased. It’s dirty and slobby and there are things everywhere. Old spray cans, dried brushes, half-finished paintings and old signs lying about. It’s a dump.

She is to live with a slob, and that does not make her happy.

The only up-side about it is that at least this slob seems interested in creating arts, so maybe they will have something in common.

Screenshot-340 Screenshot-338Not knowing what else to do, Jordan quickly unpacks her things. Each thing on its righteous place – underwear in the top drawer, shirts in the middle and pants in the bottom one.

When she’s done she sits nervously on the edge of the doublebed and looks around. It is a dump.

Eventually it gets boring just sitting around so she takes her place at the drawing board and starts doodling mindlessly. She’s decided to take an Art degree and she’s determined to be a good student and earn a good grade.

Screenshot-341Jordan does not know how long it has been since she started sketching but after a while she senses someones presence. She finishes the line she had started drawing before looking around.

A man is standing behind her, peaking over he shoulder at her work. It embarrasses her and she wonders how he managed to sneak up on her without her notice.

Screenshot-342“Welcome new girl” the man says and throws his arms out in a silly gesture, as if the presence of Jordan Lord is the best thing that had happened to him in weeks.

‘Blue hair’ Jordan thinks to herself. ‘Who the fudge had blue hair’.

“You’re lucky!” the man continues and the smile on his face grows even wider. “For you are to share room with Cid – ME!”

Jordan grunts something in response, feeling even less excited about the room she got and the man she has to share it with. He is a slob, and one with blue hair at that. Just great.

Screenshot-343Screenshot-344Cid stands behind her for a few moments, waiting for some kind of reaction but soon realizes that Jordan has gone back to her drawing board and is now ignoring him. He’s not one to feel let-down by such a happening and he knows that the newcomers are sometimes shy to their roommates and such seems to be the case with this girl.

He knows how it can be. He has gone through several newcomers during his six terms. Either they move out after one term or they take their degree and leave. He can’t imagine such a thing, to ever leave University. This has become his life, his one and true passion.

“Yo Cid” another man suddenly says and enters the room. His name is Danny and like Cid he has been to University for several terms. They are best of friends. Jordan is starting to feel really annoyed by this. She should have rented an apartment instead. Here, she might never get any privacy to study. “I see you got a girl this time” Danny says and jokingly hit Cid on the shoulder.

“Yup, an angry one at that” Cud replies and winks. Jordan doesn’t see the wink though, and begins to feel more and more irritated with her new roommate.

Screenshot-346After a while Danny leaves and the door shuts behind him. Cid starts walking around the room, picking up some things from the floor and put them down again at some other spot. Almost as if he was rearranging the place. It seems to be done irrationally and that annoys Jordan even more.

She is not fond of strangers, messes or irrational behaviors.

Yet, she knows that she will share this room with this Cid for an entire term and she needs to get on with him. At least decently. As such, she decides to introduce herself properly.

Screenshot-350 Screenshot-351They chat for a while and Jordan almost starts thinking that perhaps this Cid isn’t as bad as she first thought. He is friendly and gives her some tips and¬†advises¬†on how to survive the first few¬†hectic¬†days at University.

But Cid, who is not exactly socially skilled and rather blunt and straight-forward at times, hasn’t been able to think of much except the scar that covers Jordan face. He thinks it makes her unique and interesting and he finds himself curious.

“How did you end up with that scar?” he asks, not even thinking about the fact that it might be an inappropriate question for someone you just met.

Screenshot-348“IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” Jordan explodes and just barely manages to control herself enough to not slap Cid across the face. She knows that the scar raises questions and that it’s something she will always be unable to hide and something that she will learn to deal with, but so far it’s still a hurtful reminder of the beauty she lost.

Cid looks at her while she rages in front of him, not realizing how a simple question could lead to such a reaction. He thinks that she must learn to deal with that one question if she’s going to survive at University because many people here are blunt and straight-forward. ‘The jocks will eat her alive if they see her vulnerability’ he thinks. Cid is not so fond of the jocks and thinks they are brainless and shallow. But something tells him that they are the ones Jordan will want to socialize with and for some reason he feels like he has to protect her from them. After all, they are sharing room and he knows how to handle them.

Screenshot-352Jordan is boiling when she stomps out of the dorm and to her bicycle. She pedals fast and some of the rage blows up with the wind. It was just her luck to be paired up with such an idiot as Cid, she thinks to herself.

Screenshot-354She arrives at the main building of campus, where a welcome event is being held. She looks around and realizes that the place is big and there are LOTS of new faces. It makes her feel rather uneasy.

Luckily, she finds a table where no-one else is trying to get information about their classes and get their welcome gifts. She snatches hers from the table quickly and goes to sit at a quiet spot to read through all of the brochures. It’s a lot to take in but she manages to make out that she has three classes to attend three days a week as well as some art group¬†assemblies¬†and one lecture each week. It might keep her busy enough so she doesn’t have to spend so much time around Cid, she thinks.

Screenshot-356Feeling slightly hungry after the¬†bike ride¬†here Jordan decides to buy a little snack from one of the vending machines but once she had paid her snack won’t fall down the hatch and simply sways on the edge. Combined with the annoyance over Cid’s question about her scar this makes her rather angry and she starts shaking the machine with fury, cursing at it while tears are forming in her eyes. Jordan does not want to cry on her first day at University and when the chocolate bar falls down and allows her to take it she feels relieved and manages to suppress the tears.

She will get through this, it will only be tough the first few days. She knows this because Cid told her so.

Screenshot-355Jordan remains in the building until pretty much everyone has disappeared. She doesn’t notice this though because she is busy just staring down at her sketchbook while all kinds of things appears on the paper in front of her.

A girl steps up to her and introduces herself as Clarissa and wonders why Jordan isn’t on her way to the kick-off-party. When Jordan look up she sees a girl dressed in a cheerleader suit. She is very pretty. She is the type of girl Jordan would want to be friends with and as such she agrees on accomapny Clarissa to the kick-off-party.

Jordan doesn’t know that her fringe had been covering the scar when she was looking down her sketchbook. And because Jordan doesn’t want to, she doesn’t see that Clarissa frowns at the sight of the scar. And because she doesn’t see this, Jordan doesn’t know that Clarissa will never want to be her friend because that scar prevents Jordan from being pretty enough. Being pretty is very important to Clarissa.

Screenshot-357 Screenshot-359 Screenshot-358Since Jordan doesn’t know that Clarissa will never be her friend, and since Clarissa knows she can’t turn Jordan down right after inviting her to the party, they make company to the right dorm. Once they are there, Clarissa dumps Jordan outside and goes inside.

Jordan is feeling rather lonely out there and because she is anxious about the scar she is starting to worry it was a mistake to go here. She would never have gone if she were alone, and now she is alone. While she stands thinking about these things a naked girl suddenly runs past her. The whole thing is so surreal and funny that Jordan starts laughing.

The girl running is named Shannon and even though she is hosting several parties throughout the years to which the jocks always comes, she is not actually a member of their social group. She is more of a hybrid, socializing with all different kinds of people. Of course, Jordan does not know this and merely find this girl to be weird but fun.

Screenshot-363Shannon invites Jordan inside after she has run one lap around the house and since Shannon is still naked while talking to Jordan, Jordan is a bit uncomfortable but she agrees to go inside.

Jordan comes from a family where juice is a very rare thing. Both her parents are¬†equestrians¬†and they simply don’t have time for juice and parties. Jordan herself has never really tried juice before either and when she is handed a cup she feels a bit shy at first. She of course knows what she is supposed to do with it, but she does not know what that is supposed to do with her. Even so, she drinks everything in it and even though it tastes rather bitter she refills her cup.

Screenshot-368 Screenshot-366Jordan drinks several cups of juice and realizes that it helps her calm down. She does not feel as shy as she usually does and she almost forget about her scar. Shannon asks her to do a keg stand, which Jordan happily agrees to even though she does not know what it is or has ever heard of it before.

Cid, who doesn’t usually go to this kind of parties has gone to this specific one. He doesn’t know why he feels responsible for Jordan, but there is something about her that makes him want to protect her. He can see that she is material for the jocks but he also knows that even though the jocks accept people with appearance flaws, like Jordan’s scar, they do not go easy on them. And unless you are a pure¬†beauty¬†(Cid hates this definition but he doesn’t know anyone better) you are better without the jocks. He turns around when Shannon lifts Jordan up for the keg stand because Cid knows that the veteran students have great fun in getting the newcomers really juiced. He feels sorry for Jordan.

Screenshot-370Because Jordan is being held upside-down at the juice keg, she does not see the jocks laughing at her. And because Cid is not upside-down and is not facing Jordan but the jocks, he does see this and it makes him angry and sad.

He wonders why he cares so much about Jordan but he can’t figure it out.

Screenshot-373“Let’s go back home Jordan” Cid says because he can see that Jordan is already starting to get pretty badly juiced. But Jordan doesn’t agree, she doesn’t feel juiced – she feels relaxed. And she’s having fun.

“I’m not your friend Cid. Just go.” Jordan slurs and Cid does not know whether he should force her home with him or let her be. He knows that she is right, they are not friends and he cannot force her to come with her. But he also knows that there is a risk that the jocks will hurt her.

In the end he goes without her.

Screenshot-372 Screenshot-371Jordan stays long enough to see Shannon run naked through the house one more time. By then, Jordan herself is so juiced that she almost thinks it would be a good idea to follow Shannon’s lead. Luckily, she is still¬†conscious¬†enough to realize that it’s time to head back home when that thought occurs. As such, she leaves without saying goodbye to anyone, for there is no-one who expects her to say goodbye.

Screenshot-389Jordan almost trips in the stairs on her way up to her room. The world seems to spin around her and it almost feels as if she’s floating. She understands that it is because of the juice and she feels rather happy.

When she gets to the room she tries to sneak in quietly for she does not want to wake Cid up. She hadn’t needed to, though, for Cid is not there.

Screenshot-390She is not in a state where she wonders anything about that fact. She changes in to her pajamas and leave her used clothes in a pile by the side of the bed. For Jordan Lord, that is a very strange thing to do. She always folds her clothes back in to the drawers before going to bed. She doesn’t even react to this herself, but that is indeed a first indication to the change in personality Jordan is going to experience.

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Generation 6: Kevin – Chapter 3: I’d like to talk to Kevin

She had looked so incredibly cute. 

Screenshot-141I was locked in my room as a punishment for what I had done this day. If it hadn’t been for the lecture and the punishment itself (and the mark on Sharon’s arm of course) I wouldn’t have remembered what I had done at all.

I remembered thinking that she had looked incredibly cute when she smiled. In fact, I had started noticing little details about the girls in my class just recently that made them look incredibly cute. Sharon had a great smile. Hanna had a great habit of pulling strands of her hair from her eyes and securing them behind her ear. Vanessa gestured with her hands when she spoke. And all of them were starting to grow breasts and curves and it was almost impossible to think of anything else.

So, Sharon had smiled and while doing so she looked incredibly cute. After that it’s rather black but the next thing I remembered was how she slapped me across the chin and how she groaned in pain as she rubbed a red spot on her arm. A bite mark. A bite mark.

Screenshot-145No normal person bites someone because they look cute but then again, I have never been normal.

School punished me with detention and mom and dad punished me with curfew. I had deserved it. I really had.

I wished I could regret it because I knew it was wrong. You don’t just go bite people. Especially not after you’ve passed the age of two when you can get away with doing it because your teeth are itching. I’m thirteen and my teeth does certainly not itch anymore. But I didn’t feel any guilt or regret or remorse. And really, how could I when I couldn’t remember what had actually happened?

Screenshot-142I stayed in my room for the rest of the day. There was no point in arguing about the punishment I had been given as I realized I deserved it. Freya came and scratched on my door after her dinner and I let her in. It was really a wonder she had climbed the stairs only to be with me. I knew it was hard on her hips and knees and that it required her every effort just to get up here. It made me happy, because it meant at least someone would care enough for me to fight. Even if it was just a stair.

Screenshot-143She didn’t come with good news, though. I had known, of course, that the day when we would lose her crept upon us and that her pain got worse for each day that passed. I knew that she had been fighting for a long time to just make it through another day. I knew that she was getting sick and tired of just lying around, not having energy or capacity to do anything else. That she was bored and was starting to lose the will for life. And even so, the simple request of being put out of the misery was devastating. Her wise and loving eyes met mine in a sad and supplicant way. She knew that what she asked of me was more than she could really demand, but since I was the only one to really understand her, she had no other choice. She was done. It had finally become too much for her.

Screenshot-146Only then did I vacate my room and downstairs to my parents. They were watching TV as if nothing spectacular had happened today at all. “Mom” I said, my voice nearly incapable of bearing the message it had been quested with.

“Mhm” she replied, not even bothering to turn her eyes from the screen and look at me.

Screenshot-148“It’s Freya. She wants to be put down.” I couldn’t wrap the words up any better because it was hurting me too much. How could a friend ask from you to make the decision to bring them to death?

Mom did turn her eyes towards me then and I could see how they were tearing up. Freya was as loved by my mother as she was by me, even if mom couldn’t talk to her like me. “What did you just say?”

“She just told me. She doesn’t have the will to keep fighting anymore. She’s giving up and she’d rather have it done quick and painless than extending it any further. She’s in so much pain!”

Screenshot-149Screenshot-150Mom started to cry and walked over to me to pull me in to a hug. She had never questioned the fact that I was speaking to Freya and I don’t know if she believed in it, but I understood that she knew that what I said right now was true. We needed to liberate Freya. We hugged and cried while dad called the vet and made an appointment for the next day.

That night I lifted Freya up in my bed and slept with one arm around her.

dream2I opened my eyes and stretched my limbs. A cracking sound was heard from the joints of my bare arms. Trees rose in the air around me, making me realize I had woken up at a place far from my own bed. Moss was covering the ground next to the almost invisible redwood I was lying on. A small rock stabbed me in the back and I sat up to rub the sore spot where it had stung me.

dream1I stood up and realized I was naked. It was dark around me and the moon was shining bright behind the tops of the firs and pines. My knees and palms were dirty, as if I had been crawling on the ground. A mouse hurried to safety, passing right before my bare feet. I was feeling completely lost and had no idea what caused me to be at this very spot right now. Still, I felt oddly at home here in the forest.

dream4An old man‚Äôs voice, trailing and rasping, was heard through the night.¬†‚ÄĚLuna habet responsa‚Ä̬†it said.¬†I looked around, searching for the source of the voice and saw the back of a man further down the redwood path. He was walking in to the forest and the only thing I noticed of his appearance was the semi-long blonde hair curling down his neck and a physically well-built body. I recognized him even if I had never actually seen him before.

Screenshot-152To my surprise I woke up in our garden the next morning. The sun was just rising which made me realize it was still early. My knees and palms were dirty and I was completely naked. This made me more embarrassed than confused and I hurried in to my room again, praying that no-one was awake yet.

Screenshot-153Freya looked at me confused from my bed, wondering where I had gone and why I had left her. I wondered this too and just shook my head in confusion before putting some underwear on and lifting her down.

I even carried her down the stairs. My head was mixed with confusion over the sudden continuation of the otherwise well-known dream and the sadness of knowing we were just experiencing the last few hours of Freya’s life.

Screenshot-156It was easy for the vet to put Freya out of her pain and struggles. All it took was an injection in her front leg and just minutes later Freya was gone. She didn’t fight it and she wasn’t scared but the emptiness she left in my heart was overwhelming. And the silence! After an entire life of sharing thoughts and silent conversations with her it was almost unbearable with the silence. The only thing to comfort me in that matter was that her final thought had been happy. “Thank you” she said before drifting off.

I shared another tearful hug with my mother, who was the one closest to understanding what I was going through.

Screenshot-154A few hours later someone was at the front door. I was too much of a mess from losing Freya to get there to open. Jordan opened and I didn’t even bother glancing there to see who it was. I never got visitors anyway.

Screenshot-155“I’d like to talk to Kevin, please” the man said. The voice! I recognized it immediately. It was the same trailing and rasping voice that had talked to me in my dreams for so long. I looked over at the door in surprise and nearly fell off the sofa. It was Brick, my biological father!

Dear readers. I know it’s been almost a month since I last updated this. I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m not really feeling Kevin. I lack the inspiration I need for his story, which is really a shame because he has a great story ahead of him. Hopefully University Life will give me a push in the right direction and make it easier for me to finish this. I want to update more regularly but it has been hard. Hopefully it’ll be better eventually.

I think I just wanted to say that I’m NOT giving up this story. I might just need more time in-between the updates and they will probably be shorter, somewhat like this.

Much love / FruHurricane

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Generation 6: Kevin – Chapter 2: A man’s voice

dream2I opened my eyes and stretched my limbs. A cracking sound was heard from the joints of my bare arms. Trees rose in the air around me, making me realize I had woken up at a place far from my own bed. Moss was covering the ground next to the almost invisible redwood I was lying on. A small rock stabbed me in the back and I sat up to rub the sore spot where it had stung me.

dream1I stood up and realized I was naked. It was dark around me and the moon was shining bright behind the tops of the firs and pines. My knees and palms were dirty, as if I had been crawling on the ground. A mouse hurried to safety, passing right before my bare feet. I was feeling completely lost and had no idea what caused me to be at this very spot right now. Still, I felt oddly at home here in the forest.

dream3An old man’s voice, trailing and rasping, was heard through the night.¬†“Luna habet responsa”¬†it said.¬†I looked around, searching for the source of the voice but always woke up before managing to locate whoever it was that spoke.

Screenshot-1171I knew the dream very well by now. It had been reappearing in my sleep ever since I was a young child and it had always felt incredibly real.¬†It was as if the dream was trying to tell me something. I didn’t dream it every night or even regularly, but once every now and then the same dream would come to me during sleep.

When I woke up, it felt almost as if I had actually been there, in the forest. I almost expected to find my knees and palms dirty, even if I knew they never were. And the voice? It wasn’t just a voice in a dream, that was someone who had spoken to me. That old man wanted me to listen to him, he had something to tell me and it annoyed me that I couldn’t figure out what it was. Or what it meant. What language was that, anyway? The only thing I understood was that the first word,¬†Luna, had something to do with my mother. But what? And how?

The first few times I had been scared after the dream, simply because of how real it felt. And then because it repeated itself and therefore had to have some kind of meaning and the fact that I couldn’t understand it scared me. But the more times I dreamed it, the more ¬†I realized that I wanted to interpret it and figure out what it meant.

Screenshot-1173If I had a close friend I probably would have shared the dream with that person, but I had trouble making friends.  It took so little for them to annoy me. Some things they said or stuff they did were just so incredibly stupid that I felt angry about it. Furious, almost. I tried to stay on my own instead as I knew from experience it would simply hurt them if I got angry around them. Jordan was a living proof of that.

Well, I did actually have a friend who I would never hurt, she simply didn’t exactly account as the typical friend since she was a… dog. She never annoyed me though and understood exactly how I was feeling before I even told her.

Screenshot-1174“You know my dreams” I said and petted her long warm fur. It was getting quite tangled and she could probably do with a bath. “I just don’t get it. They’re trying to tell me something but I just can’t figure it out.”

Screenshot-1169Luna habet responsa. I googled the words I had heard so many times, but which I still didn’t understand. From what I could tell, it was some foreign language and if I could only find out which I would soon understand.

The answer that appeared on the screen didn’t surprise me, even though I hadn’t expected it. Latin. An old, ancient, nearly dead language. Why would anyone try to talk to me in latin? What made him think I would understand?

I did now though, I knew what the man had been trying to tell me all these years: Luna has the answers. Now I only needed to figure out which questions she had the answers for.

Screenshot-1180“Mom, who was he? My father?” Maybe it was a long shot, but it was worth a try. My biological father was the first question that came to my mind when I started thinking of what mom possibly could know the answers to.

“Oh” she mumbled and blushed. It wasn’t a topic that was spoken very often in our home, even if Madison and Jordan said that they were happy I was only half their brother. I probably took mom by surprise now that I brought it up.

Screenshot-1182“Was he anything like me?” I wondered. “Was he different too?”

Mom chuckled a bit and the smile that was formed on her lips was genuine and happy. I realized that she was speeding through some suppressed memories, which obviously made her happy. He couldn’t have been too bad, my father.

Screenshot-1184“He sure was different” she smiled and started telling me about him. Her hands gestured wildly in front of her, like they always did when she was enthustiastic about something. “He saw right through me. Was the first one to see me for who I really was. And he taught me so much. And his smile, oh Kevin, it’s not even possible to describe it! He was my first love. It was true and honest and passionate but it had to end.”


“Because summer ended and I went back here and he stayed in Appaloosa. It was a long distance for a teenager. Too long.”

Screenshot-1179“So, am I anything like him?”

Mom nodded. “The way you are with Freya, that was exactly like he was around the horses. It was as if he could communicate with them. They loved him, adored him and he loved them. They were his life and his best friends.”

“Communicate with them? Isn’t that… impossible?” Of course, I knew it was possible to communicate with animals. I talked with Freya all the time, but every person I had admitted that to said I was a crazy. It was impossible to talk to animals, had I learned. It was one of my differences. If my father had that ability too, that meant he had been different too. That would mean there was a logical reason behind it. I would like that.

“It’s impossible. But your father, Brick, was really one of a kind” mom smiled yet another genuine smile. She was pretty when she did. “Come, I have something for you.”

I followed mom in to her bedroom where she opened the top drawer in her dresser. I blushed and looked away at the sight of her underwear.

“Here” she said just a short moment later and I accepted the gift.

Screenshot-1165I placed the frame on the table next to my bed. I used to have stuffed toys there as a kid but I had grown and no longer needed them. It was a perfect spot to keep my father.

“So you were different too?” I asked out loud to the framed picture mom had given me. It pictured a smiling blonde guy, only a few years older than I was. He looked a bit sad and¬†had eyes that looked tired and energetic at the same time. I looked nothing like my father. “Would you be able to explain my dreams?”

Screenshot-1164I wanted to meet him. Not because I desperately needed him in my life, but I wanted to at least meet him. I wanted to know what his voice sounded like, how he looked when he smiled and what little movements he did while talking. I wanted to know if he was anything like me. Mom didn’t exactly object, but she said I needed to wait. She would let me go once I was old enough.

“I’m glad to finally know how you look” I said and started to prepare for sleep. It was getting late and I had school tomorrow.

Screenshot-1178I had a night without dreams that night. Ironically, the nights without dreams felt more restless and anxious. I drifted between waken and asleep the entire night and once it was time to get up I didn’t feel very rested.

Screenshot-1172Freya was in my room, greeting me good morning as I climbed down the ladder from my bed. “Morning to you too” I groaned and stretched. “And good morning to you, daddy Brick.”

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Generation 6: Kevin – Chapter 1: We need to talk

Screenshot-1028Detention.¬†It exists because kids shall learn how to behave in school. To punish us when we break rules or behave badly. It shall learn us to not do it again, deter us from repeat our mistakes. Yet,¬†I knew exactly how the second hand ticked in the detention room and how Mrs. Pinstar sighed every quarter since she wanted to sit there at the end of the day no more than we did. I knew exactly how to make the chalk scream against the blackboard so that the other students grimaced badly at their desks. I had written the words “I will not fight” so many times that if detention was to work as it should, I would not even be able to clench my fist. Despite this, I continued to end up in that room.

I kept getting caught in bad situations which led to detention. Fights, usually. I knew that as soon as I got through the front door mom and dad would summon me to the kitchen:

Screenshot-1029“Kevin, we need to talk.”

Mom and dad often summoned me to the kitchen where we sat down to talk. These talks always treated the subject of me getting in to a fight at school. It wasn’t that I was a typical troublemaker, but I often got angry and those poor kids that happened to come in my way when such a fury¬†occurred¬†got to know the bitter taste of my fists.

The teachers tore their hair in order to find a way to help me control my anger, but so far it had been without success. I think the most annoying part, for both them and me, was that I always forgot what caused my anger, or what I did while I was angry. It was as if I was caught in a trance and afterwards I couldn’t remember a thing. The only reminder that something had happened was usually a crying, beaten kid. Someone I had hurt, in my rage.

Screenshot-1030I didn’t think much when I was summoned that particular day, even though that proved to be the day when the questions started.

“We need to talk”. I had been there so many times that it was no surprise, yet this specific day something was different. Maybe it was how mom’s eyes looked or the way she nodded towards the chair opposite to her, motioning for me to sit with her and listen. Yes, that specific talk was what made me start raising questions about myself and my difference. In reality¬†my difference probably started way before that. Even before I was born, I suspect.

Screenshot-1031“We love you very much” she said once I had sat down and dad nodded in agreement. “Very much” she added to emphatize the truth of the words.

“I love you too” I said, not knowing what else I could possibly say. I knew they hadn’t summoned me just to tell me they loved me. They had something important to tell me, it was the only reason such a summoning would take place in our house.

Screenshot-1033“Calum isn’t your biological father” mom said after having taken a deep breath. It felt like a sting to the heart, and in the same time as a relief. That would explain why I felt so much different from my sisters.

She explained it all, and somewhere in the middle dad (or Calum, I didn’t exactly know what I was supposed to call him anymore) walked away. I suspect it was hurting him to hear about how mom had cheated on him. Though, she promised me it hadn’t counted as cheating as she and dad (again, Calum) weren’t a couple back then. It was confusing to listen to her.¬†“But Calum is still your dad, of course” she said to sum it all up.

Screenshot-1035I nodded, showing her that I understood what she had just told me even though I wasn’t sure if I did. Dad wasn’t my dad, but yet he¬†was¬†my dad. It was confusing.

Screenshot-1039I don’t exactly remember how much time it took, but eventually I decided that Calum was the only dad I needed. He had always been around, always cared for me and loved me as if I were his own. There was no reason to push him aside or consider him to be Calum rather than dad.

Neither he or mom had ever been angry with me despite my constant habit of getting in to trouble. They hadn’t been angry with my sisters either. I suppose we were quite good kids. Sure, I had a temper that was quite unreliable and I found myself angry a lot. For the tiniest thing, even. I strongly suspect that was what happened when I caused Jordan’s scar. To her, that was a life-changing event. To me, it was… nothing. I don’t remember much of it, but she keeps telling me I’m a monster. Might be fair, considering how she looks now. But still, it’s not like I did it on purpose. She probably teased me, or something, and I got angry and then I don’t know. She ended up hurt. But such things happens, it was an accident.

Screenshot-1026I knew she blamed me for everything that happened after the scar. For losing her boyfriend, her confidence and her group of brainless friends. If you ask me, it was quite stupid to base your entire life on your looks as they are certain to change. Unfortunately for my sister, she hadn’t been prepared for such a drastic change. But deep down, she was still the same person even if her face was covered with a scar, right? At least that was what Madison always told her when trying to comfort her.

I don’t think it made any difference to Jordan, though. I mean, she had been living on her beauty ever since they started high school and during the years with the scar she had lost everything she had ever considered to be her life. Shallow, but true to my sister. I knew I would never understand such a thing.

One thing I did understand, however, was that Jordan was sorry for losing friends. I didn’t know much of friendship, but basing it on such a loose condition as beauty doesn’t exactly seem the best thing. But, who am I to judge?

Screenshot-1061My only real friend was covered in fur and walked on four legs. Her name was Freya.

I’m not complaining. Freya was a great friend and she always knew exactly what to say to cheer me up. She offered we tongue kisses exactly when I needed one and her big furry face tackled my legs when I most needed a hug.

Screenshot-1065I seriously loved her. She was a great friend. We played in the snow, chasing each other, rolling around getting wet and cold together. Mom seemed happy that I spent so much time with Freya and I knew it was because Freya had been her best friend for ages, too. Freya herself told me that mom had been sad many years ago and that they had both cared much for each other. She also told me that she felt a bit pushed to the side ever since the horses came in to mom’s life. It wasn’t that mom didn’t love her anymore, it was just that she needed to share the love. She thought it was good I was here now, because now she loved me too and didn’t need to spend it all on mom without getting 100 % back.

Screenshot-1069And when things felt tough, Freya was always there to cheer me up. That is what a friend does, right?

AN: I’m sorry for the rather short chapter but you can consider it a prologue of sorts. I hope you look forward to this generation as much as I do.¬†

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Heir vote winner


It wasn’t really much of a contest except for the first two days when Jordan and Kevin were close. After that Kevin kind of rushed ahead and won quite easy. I look forward to his generation and as you might have guessed it’ll be something different than the previous generations. I hope you will enjoy!

I’ve started his first chapter and should have it finished this weekend at latest.

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